How To Do The Honey Bun Hairstyle Which Is Most Suitable For Long Hair

Your hair creates an impression and it can be used to define you. How you treat your hair will make it glow and look attractive. Some hairstyles are pretty and they help to define your facial features, making you to look beautiful and more attractive. Hair bun is one of the most trending style for long hair. It looks good when it is made bigger and neat. For the bun to bring out the picture that everyone would wish, it needs a bulk volume of hair. If you don’t have enough hair, there is a way to style it and still look pretty.

How To Do The Honey Bun Hairstyle Which Is Most Suitable For Long Hair

Requirements for making a hair bun

Bun is the trending hairstyles for long hair. When the bun is made neatly by a hair stylist, it makes you look amazing and gorgeous. There are some of the materials that you must have for you to make a neat bun. Below is some of the essentials for a hair bun, but you can improvise if they are not available.

  • Scissors – it is used for trimming the ends that are left hanging loose after making a bun.
  • Hair Elastics – this is a rubber band or a hair band that is used to hold your hair tight, making it easier for you to style the band according to the direction of your choice.
  • Bobby Pins – they are used to fix the hair tight, to prevent the ban from detaching due to movements or when any other force. The pins will fix the ends of the bun, making it to stay intact for long.
  • Dry Shampoo Or Smoothing Serum – this is optional. It aids in making your hair to lie flat without detaching of the shorter ends. Application of this formula will make you to look neater and extend the life of your bun.
  • Comb Or Brush – it is used for making your long hair to lie straight, enabling you to make a neat burn without rough edges.

How To Make a Bun

The bun looks neat when it is made using a considerate volume of hair. If you have a less hair volume, you can have some additional hairs for the bun to come up smartly. Bun is one of the hairstyles for long hair, but this does not limit people with short hair from doing their hair in this style. Comb your hair to the back to increase the volume, and ensure the texture of your hair is tangle free and smooth. Add shampoo or conditioner to make your hair sleep in and avoid rough ends. You can position your bun medium, high or low according to your preference. Collect your hair in your preferred bun position and use the elastic buns to hold it tight. Hold your ponytail in the air and fold the burn in a clockwise motion. Using the scissors, cut any loose strand and smoothen all the ends. Secure the bun using bobby pins to prevent it from hanging loose thereafter.

How To Maintain The Hair Bun

After making the bun, it is important to take care of it for it to last for long. Avoid movements and forces that may lead to detachment of the bun. Do not scratch over the burn or let it get wet. Use a hair spray to condition the bun and make it stay neat and attractive. When the bun is well made by a hair stylist, it stays for long without hanging loose. Bun is one of the best hairstyles designed for long hairs.


Hair bun is one of the hair designs that was meant for people with long hair only. There are ways to improvise and add hairs to people with short hairs and make them look pretty in bun. You just need to increase your hair volume for the bun to come out smartly and express the features that you wanted. There are many ways of making a bun and you can select the position that is suitable for you. A bun can be positioned medium, high or low and still come out pretty amazing. For the bun to last for long, it is recommended to use a hair shampoo or conditioner to make the hair lie straight without split or entangled ends. Comb your hair slightly to the back, to increase the hair volume and improve the texture. After making the bun, use the bobby pins to tightly fix the bun to avoid detachment. The bun should be maintained using hair spray and conditioner for it to stay for long. There are easy steps to make a bun and it is not a must to see a hair stylist.