Key Benefits Of American Express Credit Monitoring Service

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If you want to keep a close eye on what is happening with your credit in near real time and want to prevent identity thefts, you should avail the professional services offered by credit monitoring companies. American Express credit monitoring service or some other reputable credit monitoring company will not only alert you to any suspicious behaviour linked to your account, but will also help you monitor your credit score in an effective manner.

American Express credit monitoring is a reliable credit monitoring service which comes with the assurance of a number of measures that have been put in place for the safety and security of your online accounts. Since your security is of paramount importance to American Express, its credit monitoring service ensures that you are protected from credit card fraud and identity theft. Towards that end, it boasts an elaborate monitoring mechanism for detection of fraudulent activity and misuse of your card.

With American Express services, you can rest assured that your information will be fully protected. In addition, you will also benefit from the availability of several methods which help you protect your account actively and monitor it. In case any signs of compromise of your identity or your Card are detected by the company’s monitoring systems, the company will take adequate measures to monitor your account, and may even send you an alert.

The different measures which are taken by American Express to ensure your online protection include the following:

● User ID and password is created by users themselves when they sign up to manage their accounts

● Use of 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for servicing users’ accounts

● Automatic logout of users after 10 minutes of inactivity

● Confirmation of Password Recovery by sending automatic email to users

● Benefit of Personal Security Key as a user-authentication measure.

Moreover, to ensure that your Card is protected from fraudulent use, American Express mostly takes measures such as Pre-Purchase Verification when your American Express Card is used for making a purchase; sophisticated monitoring systems and controls for detecting any fraudulent activity; verification of legitimacy when irregular account activity is detected; and account alerts to enable you to stay in control of your accounts.

Finally, when you avail American Express credit monitoring service, the company makes sure that you are able to safely communicate with it. To help you know that a communication is legitimate, the company takes a number of steps.

One of the steps taken by American Express to ensure legitimate communication is that almost all the emails that you receive from the company regarding your account are personalized emails — they contain your first name, your last name, and a few last digits of your account number. As such, emails related to your Card which do not contain the mentioned information could be fraudulent. Moreover, if you have any questions when you are online the American Express website, the company gives you the ability to take advantage of a secure online chat with its representatives via the ‘Contact Us’ link on your Account Home.

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