Why Would You Choose Aluminium Bi-folding Doors For Your Home?

Choosing to add new (or change) windows and doors at your home is usually a drawn out and difficult choice.  There are many things to consider such as style of window and doors, materials, whether you may need to meet certain regulations (for both older and eco-friendly properties) and much more.

Since the turn of the millennium, this choice has also become more difficult as more homeowners consider the benefits returns having certain types of doors give to the home, both in terms of value as a sell on price, but also financial savings such as reducing your energy bills.

With this in mind aluminium doors, especially the bi-folding door, has grown in popularity because of the great value for money they provide. Not only do they look great they also have many other practical benefits.

Why Would You Choose Aluminium Bi-folding Doors For Your Home?

Firstly, due to the concertina effect, they can completely fold open and create a space which is not only free from any obstruction, but also presents clear and unobstructed views and moving space between the inside and outside of your property. This has two major benefits. Firstly if you are entertaining friends and family in the garden and the lounge you can maximise any entertaining space within your home, whilst also keeping everyone feeling part of the event. Secondly, on a more day to day routine, this allows for much more light to enter the building which can have considerable health benefits.

As well as having a larger open space of light, bi-folding doors also feature large amounts of glazing which can have other considerable benefits. Many bi-folding door companies, such as Yorkshire based Clear View Doors, include high efficiency glass in their door which then creates the opportunity to reduce money on your energy bills. High efficiency glass helps to keep the house warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months. This should mean you shouldn’t need to put the heating on quite so early, or have to use fans during the summer all the time.

Aluminium doors themselves are also incredibly strong due to the natural properties of the aluminium itself. They do not warp like other products (UPVC) and when RAL colours are added, these do not fade meaning your return on investment is very high.

The products, when accompanied by the very latest safety hardware also provide the most secure types of doors currently available on the market. Most feature anti-bump, anti-pick and snap secure locks which provide you with ultimate peace of mind and guarantee that despite the large amounts of glazing, security is not compromised.

With other additional benefits such as longevity, less maintenance and much more, it is little wonder aluminium bi-folding doors are the people’s choice for many projects at home. They sit perfectly in extensions, conservatories or even if you just want to change the dynamics or use of particular rooms in your home so it is always worth speaking to a professional company if you want to reap the amazing benefits from aluminium bi-folding doors and windows.

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