How To Heal The Scars After C-Section Surgery?

Some women experience the cesarean scars, because they have undergone this treatment. If you have had a C-section, then you will be remained with the cesarean scars on this section. There is nothing to worry about it as it is only a natural part of having any surgery. When you are going to experience this surgery, you need to understand the essential facts. There are websites online, which offer you a chance to know about the things you are going to experience after the surgery. You can click on the recommended: scar tissue after cesarean section, so that you can see the images of the patients, who have already experienced this surgery.

How To Heal The Scars After C-Section Surgery?

Two incisions

There are generally two types of incisions being made, when suffering from a cesarean. These are the longer vertical cut and the low transverse horizontal incision. Most of the women experience the low transverse horizontal cut, once these section processes are done. Normally, only in emergencies is the vertical cut being made. Before goingthrough this treatment, you need to take the support of doctors. For the initial few weeks that follow your C-section, the body heals by making tissue to the scars.  The tissue is the place, where the collagen is left into the wound region that makes the scar acquire in a dark red and raised appearance. Of course, it is normal. Slowly and slowly, a scar will become less noticeable and red.

Hypertrophic scars

It is also good to know that most cesarean scars are known as hypertrophic scars as compared to Keltoid scars. These types of scars are raised above the skin. But there is a difference that hypertrophicscars are limited to the wound. They become flat on a gradual basis and get returned to the normal skin color with the time. While on the other hand, keltoid scars spread under the wound and keep red in color and they are raised for lots of years.

How to heal?

After knowing the recommended: scar tissue after cesarean section, you will know the methods to heal those scars. How fast your scar heals as well as the degree of scarring often is based on the kind of surgery, your genetics, your age, and how you care for it. Taking the suggestions from a doctor or a health care expert will give you right suggestions that lead you to correct method to heal the wounds or scars after the cesarean treatment. There are some things, which you can do to reduce or even stop excessive scarring after surgery. Know more about them:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Make sureto take healthy foods, as they are effective at speeding your healing
  • Avoid going through the excessive sunlight that may maximize the scars
  • Make sure to cover the wound carefully
  • To avoid infection, do proper care of the wounds
  • It is good to make use of silicone dressing over the incision, as they are helpful to limit the scars in a number of cases.

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