Don’t Turn Your Back On Back Pain

Our fast and competitive lifestyles leave hardly any room for rest and rejuvenation. Whether young or old, each of us is an unwilling participant in the race towards a finish line that is not even visible at the moment! Constant study and work pressures, looming deadlines, erratic sleeping hours, uncomfortable resting quarters and lack of exercise all jointly contribute to back pain.

Lower back pain is a common symptom of the times we live in. It is often a symptom of misalignment of the spine, or a build-up of pressure in the back owing to wrong posture. The back is a finely poised mechanism, comprising of an interlocking system of muscles, tendons, tissues, and bones. When all these components are in perfect harmony, the back performs its functions properly. But when even one of them is out of alignment with the others, or is injured or sore, then the back begins to hurt.

Lower back pain can happen to anyone, regardless of their age, lifestyle or overall health status. It is usually not serious, but it must be dealt with promptly with rest, moderate exercise and a good back pain relief cream.

If you suffer from constant back pain, follow this 5-step guide for feeling better:

1 Get going. Often, inactivity can ‘freeze’ the back into an unnatural stance. The back remains static in one position for a long time, or poor posture can cause the spine to get bent out of shape. The first thing to do if you suffer from back pain is to start moderate exercise. Exercise improves blood circulation to the back, apart from helping toxin removal (that is responsible for the pain) and discharge. It also stimulates the muscles and bones to tone up.

2 Sleep well. If you have stress-related lower back pain, just follow an age-old remedy – go to sleep. Switch off your gadgets, wear a sleep mask, tuck yourself in and enjoy a night of good quality sleep. You will be amazed at how fit the back feels the next morning. Try getting at least seven hours of sleep every night to relieve back pain.

3 Correct your posture. If your shoulders are always slumped, or if you walk with your abdomen thrust out or sit slouched in your chair, you end up exerting tremendous pressure on your spine and back area. Straighten your spine, put your shoulders back and pull in the abs. Now remember to hold this posture for better back health.

4 Eat nutritious meals and drink plenty of water. You would be surprised at the effect a poor diet can have on your body – apart from making you flabby, it can also cause circulatory problems and even muscle loss. Make sure you drink at least one litre of water every day, and have balanced, nutritious meals comprising all the major food groups.

5 Use back pain relief cream. A good back pain relief cream like Moov cream can work wonders on a painful back. It comprises of an excellent formulation that works quickly and goes to the source of the pain, relieving stress and soreness in the back. It is a superb back pain relief cream that you can use every time you suffer from stiffness or back pain.

Using this simple 5-step guide can help your back regain its former health in no time. But ensure that you act on it promptly – neglecting back pain can make it worse. If the pain is too intense, or if you get frequent back spasms, or if the ache stops you from functioning normally, seek a good doctor’s help at once.