Bennett J Kireker And His Views On Health Reasons Of Consuming Wine

The first and the foremost question that comes to the mind when one talk about alcoholic drinks is “Whether their intake is useful in any form for the body?” Or “Should they be consumed regularly for getting any of the benefits out of the same?” The very simple answer to this question is that unlike other beverages, drinking wine is good for the health only if done in moderation. That means limiting oneself to a glass or two only and not more than that will prove helpful and won’t harm the body in any negative manner. Bennett J Kireker is passionate about wines and is an owner of a wine tasting club having 50 strong members currently who share his passion and thus give him the much needed company.

Talking about the health benefits of wine, it is a well known fact that it is an unhealthy drink that should only be consumed in moderation and over consumption of the same should be avoided at all costs at all points of time for all the good reasons. Now what could be the health benefits one can get from the consumption of the wine? The following health benefits are discussed as below:

  • Wine is said to decrease the mortality rate as compared to the other alcoholic beverages as conveyed by a study done by the researchers.
  • Wine consumed in moderation can definitely lower the chances of heart attacks as compared to the people who do not drink at all.
  • It contains certain minerals, which are good for health and for this reason only, wine especially the red wine should be consumed.
  • It could also reduce the chances of diabetes when consumed in moderate quantities and not over consumed at any point of time.
  • Some researchers of the view that if a person happens to take alcohol in moderation then the chances of stroke get reduced by half because of the various components it has.
  • Wine lets the brain to function much longer as compared to other alcoholic beverages thus lowering the chances of getting cataracts and other types of cancers.

From the above mentioned benefits one can make out that drinking wine is not at all bad for the health if done in moderation and hence must be consumed as and when possible. Now the question that pops up in the mind is “what does one mean by the moderate quantities?” The defined consumption of wine should be one to two glasses of 4 ounces each per day at a single point of time and not more than that at any costs for all the good reasons.

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