How To Avoid Parking Tickets

When it comes to commuting or traveling to downtown areas, it can often be challenging to find parking spots in busy areas. Many people make the mistake of parking in spots that are often ticketed. Here are a few useful tips on how to avoid paying fines.

Read the Signs

It can often be easy to fail to read the parking signs that are in place when you’re in a rush and are excited to find an empty spot on the street. Make it a point to read the signs and look for curb markings that may be present. There are often rules on the times or days of the week when you can park without getting a penalty from UKPC. Walk up a down the streets to find hidden signs that may be present and are often posted within 100 feet of the parking spot.

Pay the Meter

It’s important to have both cash and a debit or credit card available to pay the meter, which often takes different forms of payment. Have a bag of quarters on hand if it’s an older meter that isn’t updated, which is common in smaller cities or suburbs. Other types of meters that are newer will require you to insert a credit card. Different types of apps are also becoming more common and will alert you when your time is almost up, and you need to move the vehicle, which can reduce your risk of getting ticketed. If an app is not available, consider setting a timer on your phone or a watch to remind yourself of when you need to return.

Look for a Garage

Parking garages make it easier to find a place to leave your car without getting ticketed and are commonplace in downtown areas. Parking garages will allow you to leave your car for an extended period if you don’t plan on returning soon. Check the rules and the rates to ensure that you can afford the cost. Although you may have to pay to park your vehicle in the garage, it will likely be cheaper than paying hourly on the street. You can also get the ticketed validated if you visit nearby restaurants or stores.

When you want to find a parking spot in a convenient location close to a store or business, you’ll want to find somewhere to leave your vehicle. By following the rules and avoiding a few mistakes, you can avoid getting penalized and paying a fine to the city.