Make Your Next Vaping Session One To Remember

The act of vaping, or inhaling and exhaling the vapors produced by e-cigarettes, is fast becoming a popular substitute for smoking regular cigarettes. Available in a plethora of flavors, your go-to source for cosmic fog e juice online is

Make Your Next Vaping Session One To Remember

The Development of Cosmic Fog E-juice

All e-juice begins with the same list of ingredients. Those are diluted liquid nicotine, pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (PG) with no additivesand/or pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavor. Nicotine has its own distinct flavor, and an e-juice without added flavor is referred to as “neat”. Not a common choice as most prefer an added flavor, and you’ll find some of the best at cosmic fog e juice online.

The differences between VG and PG are mainly those of chemical composition. They are both organic compounds falling into the alcohol chemical class. Neither will cause intoxication. VG is slightly sweeter and thicker than PG. VG alters the taste of an e-juice more than PG. Furthermore, straight PG use over time may cause throat irritation.

As a discerning smoker of e-cigs, with their original and intriguing flavors, it’s no surprise you’re looking for cosmic fog e juice for sale. Special care is taken in the development of vapors like Kryp and The Shocker. Taste-tested and refined over a period of seven to ten months by expert mixologists, each flavor is then filtered five times before being bottled. Crafted in an ISO8 rated state-of-the-art factory, every bottle you’ll ever try has been mixed, filtered, bottled, labeled and wrapped in a clean room. This protects the products from contaminants otherwise found in more ambient conditions. Still not satisfied, the developers then use the product over a period of several weeks to months to ensure the quality, flavor and integrity are maintained at the highest standards.

Cosmic Fog E-juice for Sale

With the Cosmic Fog e juice online collection containing seven blends from which to choose, you’re sure to find something that gives you pleasure when looking for cosmic fog e juice for sale. A sampling of those flavors includesChewberry –  a chewy candy packed with a juicy mouthful of strawberries, passion fruit and a secret blend from the tropics. If you’re a fan of pineapple and kiwi, you’ll love Sonrise – a thoughtful balance of these plus passion fruit. For a taste experience sure to sooth your palate, try the carefully blended Milk + Honey. Before you’re done, you’ll want to experience all of the cosmic fog e juice for sale.

Whether you are a new vaper or you’ve become an experienced, knowledgeable user, you all share a few things in common – a pleasant experience with options in quality products tops the list. People are often surprised at the money saved when converting from regular cigarette smoking to vaping, and using a quality product means less juice required per vape session, saving you even more money. You all want a clean, controlled, transparent manufacturing process and a company that prides itself in top notch customer service offering the most unique, thoroughly tested, highest quality e-liquids the vaping world has ever seen. You’ll get all of this when you use