Everything You Need To Know About Soft Silhouette Threading Treatment

Have you ever thought about getting a plastic surgery treatment so  that you can fix those flaws on your face? Have you ever wondered about getting a perfect jawline or to tighten any sagging skin around the jowl area?

If yes, let me present you with the 21st century face lift treatment that does not include any plastic surgery. Yes! You read that right. No plastic surgery. As a matter of fact, this treatment is done only in 30 minutes. The name is Soft Silhouette Threading Treatment.

Everything You Need To Know About Soft Silhouette Threading Treatment

What is Silhouette Soft Threading?

Silhouette Soft treatment  is healthy, cost effective and a modern innovation that offer women and men what any treatment has failed to provide: a reshaped face and restored volume.

How this treatment works?

The whole procedure is quite simple, making use of bio-absorbable threads which lifts and restores any lost facial volume. Bio directional absorbable thread cones are used in this treatment. Many researchers and scientists from United States has contributed to this innovative treatment. You can feel the face lift just after the treatment and it is proven that this 30 minutes treatment can hardly go wrong. At the time of adjusting and aligning the suture, Skin issues are compressed and elevated accordingly. After having the suture located at the desired position, a slight pressure is applied on the respective area.

Who can use this?

Soft Silhouette Threading is perfect for anyone who want to get rid of mildly sagging skin on their face. Your aestheticians should use his expertise as advice  regarding the treatment best suited to your individual skin type and loss of volume. This treatment can easily be merged with other treatments such as facial fillers which usually address issues such as the loss of volume of the cheeks or other treatments that boost the firming properties of the skin.

What are the areas that are commonly treated?

The lower jaw, cheeks and cheekbones, contour, eyebrows and neck.

Why  is it called ‘one-stitch facelift’?

The reason for this particular name assigned to Soft Silhouette Threading is that this particular treatment include placing specially-formulated sutures underneath the skin which in turn secures in place by bio-directional cones.

Is is safe?

Absolutely yes! This is one of the many reasons so many people are going for it without any second thought. The safety of this treatment has always been the major concern of the doctors and aestheticians. The fact that bio-absorbable threads are used in this treatment is enough to confirm its safety.

Are there any side effects?

Generally none but in some cases, the side effects that can be expected include bruising, skin puckering and a couple of small indentations where the threads have been inserted, but which are quite temporary and the patient can get back to his/her social life within a few weeks.

How much it costs?

The Treatment cost start from £850 and can vary accordingly  to the requirements of the patient.

How are the feedbacks?

In 3 years, more than 130000 treatments have been carried out all over the world.

Soft Silhouette Threading Treatment has taken the aesthetic medicine industry by storm. Before the introduction of this treatment, many people were too reluctant to undergo any kind of face lift or plastic surgery but Silhouette has completely changed the game. This particular technology is making people happy everyday.

The reasons for the success of Soft Silhouette Threading Treatment in the industry are:

  • The only face lift treatment without surgery resulting in a fresher and younger look.
  • The treatment reduce wrinkles by means of 30-45 minutes only.
  • It leaves no scars.
  • It can be successfully used for all areas of the face and neck.
  • It lasts for 18 months, probably longer than the duration of most surgery treatments.

Final verdict

This innovative treatment is getting its deserved attention worldwide and we could not agree more. Soft Silhouette Threading Treatment is safe, reliable and most importantly you will love the results  as it will bring the shape and volume on your face in just 30 minutes.