Should Women Take Protein Supplements For Fitness?

When we think of protein supplements, we tend to conjure up an image of a hefty man drinking a huge mug full of protein shake post workout. In fact, most protein supplements’ advertisements also target men. Have you wondered why we rarely get to see a woman endorsing a protein supplement’s jar?

Should Women Take Protein Supplements For Fitness?

Why has our market stereotyped protein supplements for men only? Will women face drawbacks or side effects if they were to consume it? No, absolutely not! Thus, it is high time we stopped associating protein supplements with men and started encouraging women to use them too.

The truth, which has been revealed by strength and conditioning certified specialists such as Marie Spano, R.D, beholds that protein supplements are actually more useful for females than males! Shocked? Bet you are!

Mentioned ahead are several reasons why the use of protein supplements is more beneficial for women than their male counterparts and also some myths surrounding this topic which often obscures our understanding regarding it:

  1. Protein promotes lean muscle

No, protein supplements are not only meant for bodybuilders and consuming it will not necessarily make the female body bulky and muscular. Proteins will make you stronger, not muscular or masculine.

In fact, protein intake promotes lean, toned muscles which is the kind of body women nowadays want to achieve and look best in. Females do not have the level of testosterone to pack muscles the way males do. Hence, consuming protein supplements will not give them the muscular and hefty body of a bodybuilder unless they spend years in professional training.

Our bodies can only make a certain amount of lean muscles per day. The excess protein is broken down into amino acids and is not used to develop more muscles in the body. Thus, protein supplements will just help your body to make the maximum amount of lean muscles, instead of magically giving you the build of a body builder.

  1. Protein helps you fight hunger

Protein can help you feel full for longer by stabilizing your blood sugar levels and reducing cravings. On the other hand, carbs spike your blood sugar and encourage cravings and binge eating.

Hence, protein supplements will help to curb your cravings post workout consequently helping you lose weight and get the body you have always desired.

  1. Protein supplements are convenient

Men are often able to fulfill their protein requirements through their regular diet. However, women often fall short and protein supplements are ideal in filling in the protein gaps from their overall nutrition intake.

Moreover, women are also too occupied juggling household chores and work, eating on the run between car pools or cannot eat adequate amounts of protein due to smaller appetites. Therefore, for them, protein supplements are the answer to their prayers and also a very convenient option.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended protein level for a semi sedentary woman is 46 grams of protein per day. However, to lose weight, protein intake has to be increased to boost the metabolism and reduce muscle tissue loss.

Hence, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has suggested that females should consume 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram body weight per day, if they are trying to shed off some pounds. Hence, if you weigh 140 pounds, your protein intake should be a whopping 76 to 108 grams per day! In such a case, drinking protein shakes, sprinkling some protein powder on your oats or pancakes and taking protein in the form of smoothies with protein powder is ideal and more convenient.

  1. Saves you calories

Did you know that powder form of protein is probably the best way to fulfill your protein requirements as it has the lowest count of calories? Protein powders contain little to no fat or carbs giving you just four calories per one gram of protein! Even a lean chicken or egg cannot offer you such high dose of protein with such little calories!

  1. Protein makes you healthy

Women who do not consume a required amount of protein per day may suffer from many health risks such as osteoporosis, edema, slow metabolism, obesity, hair thinning, brittle and weak fingernails and toenails. Moreover, they also may feel tired and compensate their lack of energy by consuming high carbohydrate containing foods which will lead to further health issues by boosting their blood sugar levels.

  1. Different kinds of protein supplements available for everyone

There are many types of protein powders available to suit everyone’s requirements. Whey comes from cow milk and it tastes better, is more affordable, keeps you full for longer, and contains the required amount of amino acids that your body needs. Soy protein is ideal for vegans and also full of required amino acids. Whey protein isolate is available for lactose intolerant females. Reading the back label of every protein supplement will give you a good idea of what you are consuming and it will also tell you the recommended quantity for best results.

Hence, protein supplements are a win-win for women. It is high time the stigma associated with protein supplements being just for men be changed.

Before a workout, opt for a protein shake in a lower volume that will allow you to workout easily. End your workout with a potassium rich fruit smoothie and protein powder to boost the recovery of your muscles.

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