The Emerging Trends In Cosmetic Surgery 2017

Well, this may not be possible to ensure what’s going to happen by the end of 2017 but experts have confirmed the upcoming hike into this industry. It has been noticed that USA has spent more money than ever before on plastic surgery procedures in 2016. Ironically, the industry has grown so far that there are new trends rapidly emerging into this industry to make the procedures of Plastic Surgery in UAE much easier and convenient for the candidates;

The Emerging Trends In Cosmetic Surgery 2017

Non-invasive Body Contouring

Over a decade ago, there was nothing like non-invasive procedures when it was ever about cosmetic surgery. There was a time when the surgical liposuction happened to be the only option when candidate ever intended to get rid of the unwanted excess fat deposits. Though some of the non-surgical options have been attempted but the non-invasive approach is quite new and unique.

Do you know what was the first non-invasive procedure, it involved freezing fat cells, which destroyed them? It was expected to produce outstanding results but things went unpredictable. This cold treatment lead to the unnatural body contours that’s no more than an embarrassment for the candidates.

Next came the heat-based technologies but didn’t go really well. These procedures were actually very painful and many candidates even got burned or bruised perhaps that’s the reason as to why fat melting fell out of style. Nowadays, the Israeli company has come up with the latest innovation for the Plastic Surgery in UAE and invented an ultrasound machine that mechanically destroys fat cells by simply shaking them.

It has been confirmed that there’s no pain and the recovery period is almost non-existent. Patients will not experience any side effects. Ironically, the technology for this Israeli device will certainly improving over time. As per the predictions, this non-invasive body-contouring will likely be a cynosure in 2017 and beyond.

Cosmetic Treatment Options for Men

Nowadays, many are seeking out the hyaluronic acid fillers to have a more aesthetically attractive jaw angle. For men, it helps to amp-up their masculine appearance. Some studies have even indicated that, all the non-invasive jaw-related procedures are likely to have a huge hike in demand by the end of 2017. Just like women, men also want their facial gestures and jawline to be perfect so that it makes them feel confident and look attractive.

Having a perfect look has a huge impact over an individual’s self-esteem as well. So whenever you head on for the Plastic Surgery in UAE especially for your facial appearance, try considering the hyaluronic acid fillers as well.

Solutions for Fat Elimination

You must have heard about the Kybella if you have ever been associated with liposuction. It’s actually the new injection treatment approved by the FDA that helps Elimination the stubborn fat deposits. Being an injectable, it is used to treat the double chin. The results of this procedure are amazing and it’s minimally invasive as well. Double chin was previously addressed with surgical liposuction but Kybella has been an amazing alternative to this.