10 Killer Ways To Take Your Fitness Outside This Summer

Athletes and bodybuilders need constant workouts and that’s the reason why they spend most of their time at the gym. After all, they must make use of the enhancement supplements they buy from reliable sellers like 120kgs.com/. But hey, it’s summer and fun time! Since social life is crucial one must look for a way to continue keeping fit and at the same time socialize with friends. This leads us to this publication where we discuss the various killer ways to take your fitness outside.


Plan to hike through the mountains with a group of friends or yourself. As much as is has a lower impact than most other activities, uphill hiking will is great for the lower body. The legs have to carry the upper body weight with each stride you make.

2.recreational soccer

It is an equally good activity that helps with cardio fitness. The beauty of playing recreational soccer is that it is fun and people can do it for long hours as they enjoy the summer sun and sand. It also has a positive effect on power and speed of the whole body parts.

3.Trail running

Trail running is an outdoor version of the treadmill which keeps your lower body part well worked. However, this comes with a rough terrain and experts say that this is better than the ordinary flat treadmill in burning of calories. The sport is good for both men and women.

4. Try the boot camp

People fear boot camps because of their excessive use of cardio workouts, calisthenics, and resistance moves. Sometimes the activities call for the use of dumbbells and other simple weights which are usable outdoors. When done in groups, the outcome is better.

5.Beach volleyball

Undoubtedly, beach volleyball is fun and engaging. The lower body part gets to benefit more as much as the upper side also gets its share of workouts through the numerous swings as you hit the ball.


It is said that swimming is one of the few activities that engage the whole body from head to toe. Every part has to overcome the water resistance as one swims across the pool. It is a good cardio that also works the lungs.


It is unfortunate that golf is left for the over 50s and dubbed as a slow sport. However, its has its share of keeping one active and burning some calories. It is highly advisable that people take up golf rather than staying idle.


It is a worth trying for people who intend to keep the lower body inactive for some time. Only the upper part gets some workouts which also plays a good on cardio. Try kayaking today if you live near a water body.

9.Jogging or running

Where did we forget this! jogging along the streets of your estate will help in burning more calories than one can imagine. It is a better way to keep the lower body active as well as the chest are as one swing the arms. If jogging is too light for you, upgrade to running.

10.Flag football

This is a buddies sport and more of men than ladies sport. So, why not gather your group of friends and do the flag football after treating yourself with some grills for lunch. It is an endurance sport that involves both the lower and upper part.

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