Tray Dryer Operation and Uses In The Pharmaceuticals Industry

Dryers are used in different industries like food and pharmaceutical. They are used to dry various items like paper, edible products, powders in pharmaceutical industry, drugs, chemicals, etc. The Dryers are used to remove water content from huge amount of solids or liquids. There are various types of dryers used in pharmaceutical company like fluid bed, tray vacuum, spray and rotary dryer. Tray dryers are used to dry and perform the same functions whether it is a pharmaceutical company or a food products company. The tray dryer manufacturing techniques vary from company to company and depend on Tray Dryer Manufacturers.

Construction Process of Tray Dryers

  • Tray dryers are similar to laboratory ovens and work on same principle.
  • They vary in size and shape depending on the requirements. They consist of various chambers and floors. The trays which are loaded with solids are placed in different sections. These trays are slim members and are of the exact size of dryer.
  • Trays are placed one above the other with certain spacing between them.  The spacing is maintained so that the air blown by fans can easily be circulated through the solids and a stable dried process can be carried out.
  • The oven/tray dryer is so designed that the walls are insulated. The main and foremost purpose of insulation is to maintain the temperature in the dryer and provide a favorable heating and drying condition.
  • The construction of these dryers is done in such a manner that whole process gets total justification in terms of cost and productivity. The fruitfulness lies in making it cost effective.

Tray Drying Operations

The most basic gadget used for tray drying is a laboratory oven. The trays are placed in oven loaded with solids which are to be dried. Hot heat waves are passed through the trays at every fixed interval and fresh air is supplied through inbuilt inlets. This result in capillary actions of solids placed on trays. The water gets diffused from the small particles of solids and it gets carried upwards in the form of vapor by the turbulent flow of air circulated through the oven. The whole cycle is completed in just one blow of air pressure. The vapour that is driven up from the particles is blown out of the oven from the outlet provided. This process is continued until granules of solids are obtained and it is completely dried out. The process needs continuous maintenance of temperature and hot air supply to obtain the desired results. When the material is completely dried out, the trays are emptied into trucks and taken to tray dumping stations.


From the above article it is concluded that the use of these tray dryers basically in a pharmaceutical industry takes place according to the type of material to be dried may it be chemicals or powdered products. The Tray Dryer Manufacturers manufacture dryers of different size and compartments to ensure that it satisfies various needs of consumers.

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