How to Increase Height by Exercise

Are you aware that you can grow taller by working out? Physical exercises have got an important role in height support. Good height promotes confidence and self-esteem in a person and you don’t have to spend money on supplements or medicine to grow taller. Have a look at the following 6 exercises that you can do to get taller.

How to Increase Height by Exercise

  1. Bar Hanging

Hanging on a horizontal bar allows your body to stretch effectively. If you find difficulty in stretching your body fully, you should slightly fold your knees as you hang freely. When grasping the horizontal bar, you should direct your palms outwards. You also need to ensure that your shoulders, arms, and hips are flexible and relaxed. The whole process takes about 20 seconds. however, you should take a breather in between as you repeat the cycle thrice. If you get to do this exercise often, you will see an improvement in your height.

  1. Playing Basketball

Do you wonder why most basketball players are taller? Playing a basketball has an improved impact on all body muscles.This is usually facilitated by the number of jumps the player does on the court. The moment you get active in playing, you get to facilitate effective blood circulation to all parts of the body. When playing basketball regularly, the stretching exercise helps to increase your body height.

  1. Sprint Exercise

What do you think of Jamaican sprinter Bolt? The fastest man on the earth today is very tall. This gives him an advantage over the other competitors when it comes to the final stretch in the tracks. Consistent sprinting stretches your height muscles fully. Combined with proper nutrition, sprint exercises help you to get faster and taller. However, you have to be disciplined in your routine. You should not give up along the way if you don’t get quick results. With time, you will be able to achieve the height you want.

  1. Rope Skipping

Skipping the rope consistently has a positive effect in your height muscles. Just like in bar hanging, rope skipping fully stretches your muscles to particular lengths. The exercise is fun and also good for your blood circulation.

  1. Swimming

Do you enjoy swimming? If you do, you shouldn’t stop doing it. Swimming has a positive effect on your growth muscles and thus height stimulation. Swimming 4 times a week is important for height gain. Try to be as creative as possible in your practice. If you can do breast stroke, the style is known to be a catalyst for height gain and you should employ it.

  1. Leg Kick

Commonly employed as a defensive move, leg kicking is a good height promoter. To effectively do it, place your feet firmly on the ground. Try lifting each of your foot one at a time and kick as you take care not move your thighs. Try doing it as many times as possible and on a regular routine and observe the results.


The above 6 exercises are important for you to grow taller. You don’t need supplements or medicines to gain height. You just need to do the exercises consistently and regularly and you will attain an improved height.