Party Planning: Choosing A Caterer

No matter what type of event you are having, the food is going to be one of the most important aspects of it. After all, there may be nothing worse at a party or event then guests who are hungry and wanting something to eat. But with all the available caterers out there, how do you know you’re getting the right one for your special occasion? The following tips will give you the required information to ensure the caterer you hire is the best fit for your event.

Choose your Style

Catering has come a long way in recent years and there are a wide array of styles and options now available. While you still have the traditional catering options of buffet or sit down style, there are also new and exciting options, such as food truck catering in Florida. Knowing the type of catering you want for your event will help make finding the perfect caterer much easier. Keep in mind, however, that not all types of catering are suitable for every event.

Schedule a Visit

Before you make your finale decision, it’s important to visit the catering company’s kitchen. This will let you get a behind-the-scenes look of the business, as well as the level of professionalism and cleanliness they have. Seeing a dirty and/or chaotic kitchen is a huge red flag that you should find a different caterer.

Staff Available

No matter what type of event you are planning, the amount of staff the catering company should be an important part of the decision process. Staff members can include captains of service, servers, and bar staff. They will be the ones waiting and serving your guests. If the catering company doesn’t have an adequate amount of staff, you could be left trying to find people to help serve food.

Taste the Food

No one should hire a catering company without first getting a taste of the food. This will give you the vital insight on their quality. It will also allow you the option of approving or saying “Pass” to the menu they have designed for your event. With that said, you, the client, should have final approval of the menu. Any catering company that won’t give you final approval or offer a tasting should be avoided.

The Cost

The cost of service will make or break your ability to hire the caterer. Unfortunately, some catering companies will tack on extra fees and additional costs that you weren’t aware of when obtaining a quote. Inform the catering company of your budget and when they do give you a quote, make sure it is the total cost of service