A Guide To The Driving Licence Theory Test and Tips To Pass The Test

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It’s a necessity to pass the theory test to get your Driving Licence. Taking a theory test multiple times is cost-intensive due to the fee you need to pay for taking the test and for retests if you fail the test. It also hinders you from focusing on the practical test. In spite of all these reasons only 28 % applicants pass the theory test in their first attempt. The various things that you should keep in mind while considering a driving licence theory test are discussed below.

Theory test – components

The theory test is taken by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency or DVSA. It consists of the following two parts

  • Multiple Choice Questions – There are 50 Multiple Choice questions in the test out of which, you need to get 43 answers correct to pass the test.
  • Hazard perception test – The test consists of a collection of video clips depicting various hazards that you need to spot. To pass the test, you are needed to score a minimum of 58% marks or to score 44 out of 75 marks.

The need of Theory Test

The theory test is designed to test the knowledge of the driver and their ability to detect the hazards. It’s a necessity for a safe driving and road safety. If you are thinking of just trying and remembering the answers, you need to understand that it’s simply impossible to predict the exam questions and remembering around 1000 answers is a tough task.

The only way of passing the test is spending your time in first learning the material and then revising it constantly. It’s imperative for your safety and the safety of others, that you understand the question and you can identify the correct answer on the basis of your knowledge instead of guessing

Preparation time

The time one can spend on learning and revising varies from individual to individuals. The preparation times needed, entirely depend on your answers to the following questions.

  • What do you already know?
  • How much you need to learn?
  • How fast can you learn?

On an average, at least 20 hours of revision is necessary to pass the test.

How to revise

You need to spend time on a revision to clear the test. You should use the driving theory book of DVSA to prepare, revise and practice for the theory test. You absolutely need to spend on your learning material otherwise you will be spending much more to take the retest. You cannot rely on the free contents to pass the theory test since the material available may mostly contain out of date study material and questions.

When should you take the test?

After you are confident in your preparation, you may start taking the mock tests. Once you can pass consistently in the mock tests with more than 80 % marks, you can think about booking a theory test.

Practice, practice and only practice can prepare you for a theory test. It will instil the confidence in you that’s a prerequisite of passing the theory test. Remember you only need to study and revise till you pass the test and the knowledge you gain will be instrumental in keeping you safe while driving.

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