Health Care Tips and Tricks For Brides-to-be

Indian weddings are getting bigger, better and glitzier day by day. And in all of this chaos, sometimes, the bride gets caught up and her health takes a back seat. But we can’t have that, can we ? So to ensure we are in the pink of health on our big day, here are some of the things we must keep in mind :

Health Care Tips and Tricks For Brides-to-be


  1. Go technology-free once in a while. Disconnect from the digital world to give your eyes a much needed break.
  2. Wake up early and have water with a squeeze of lime to boost metabolism. Coconut water is also very beneficial.
  3. Make an exercise routine and stick to it. If you see that you’re not consistent, try and find yourself a work-out buddy who keeps you motivated. You could go for a morning run, do some yoga (think Suryanamaskar) in the park or join a gym.
  4. Water and sleep – Cannot stress enough on the benefits a good night’s sleep and 8 glasses of water have on the body.
  5. Eating habits are a crucial ingredient in body health. Avoiding fried food and fizzy drinks is the first step. Also, cutting down on excessive sugar and alcohol goes a long way. We’re not asking you to give up everything that’s tasty but make smarter choices and substitutions. Baked instead of fried, nuts instead of chips, more steamed food (idlis, dhoklas etc) and tons of fresh fruits and vegetables.


  1. Skin specific products – Everyone knows we must cleanse and moisturize our skin twice a day. But the kind of products we use also have an important role to play. If you have dry skin, opt for creamy products and for oily skin, stick to gel / aqua based skincare.
  2. Pampering your skin – Apart from the daily routine, you should have a special skincare regimen that you follow once a month or two. This can be anything from homemade face pack of multani mitti or a salon facial like Casmara. Choose something that you know suits your skin.
  3. Include a heavy duty night cream or serum in your bed time regime that can work its magic and give you glowing skin in the morning. We love the Estee Lauder Advanced night repair and Kiehls Midnight recovery serum.
  4. Wash your makeup brushes regularly as they are something you use o the face directly. Throw out your eye makeup products every 3-6 months and other makeup that may have expired.
  5. Going for spa treatments once in a while is a good bet to feel refreshed.


  1. To remain a Bride-chilla and not turn into a Bridezilla, we must first and foremost learn the art of delegation. A bride cannot possibly handle everything wedding related problem on her own. Hire a wedding planner or divide duties amongst family members an friends. Your sister can coordinate the sangeet performances and your dad can handle catering and lighting. Rope in your fiancé to help as well.
  2. Stress – Things will go over budget sometimes, and other times there might be differences of opinion while finalizing themes, vendors or clothes. Try and make a plan beforehand but keep some margin to be flexible. Prioritize but also compromise.
  3. Sometimes saying no is a good thing.
  4. Don’t get carried away by unnecessary pressure that a perfect wedding must look like X or a bride must weigh Y kgs.
  5. Alone time – Reserve some time to spend with yourself, doing what you love. This can be painting, dancing, jogging, meditating or even rock climbing!

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