CPT® Update: Kick-Start Your 2018 Anesthesia Coding With These Key Changes

New anesthesia codes likely to have high use

It’s that time of the year again and providers and coders are busy preparing themselves for a brand-new set of CPT® codes. 2018 offers 11 new, revised, and deleted anesthesia CPT® updates that you/your staff should start preparing without delay – especially if you report anesthesia for GI procedures, shoulder cast application, or neurectomy.

CPT® Update: Kick-Start Your 2018 Anesthesia Coding With These Key Changes

Read on to get a grasp of CPT® 2018 changes that will impact how you code your anesthesia claims effective Jan. 1, 2018:

Acquaint Yourself with These 5 Important Anesthesia Codes

Look forward to some new anesthesia codes – 00731, 00732, 00811, 00812 – for ERCP and screening colonoscopy that are likely to be used extensively next year. You will also find a unique code for both upper and lower GI procedures – 00813. With these changes, you’ll need to adjust your code selection based on objective, regions, and the complexity and work linked with the variables within the new codes from Jan. 1.

Note These Key Anesthesia Deletions

Effective Jan. 1, you will no longer find these anesthesia procedure codes – 00740, 00810, 01180, 01190, 01682 – as the CPT® Editorial Panel has decided to delete them to make way for the new codes. The codes 00740 and 00810 are alike to the work of new codes 00731 and 00811 and so they are no longer required.

Don’t Miss These Shoulder Casting Changes

Keep a tab on new reporting options for shoulder cast application, removal, or repair next year. CPT® 2018 deletes shoulder spica code 01682. The NOS code will be marked as revised in your CPT® book with a semicolon in the descriptor with a comma.

Heed These Deletions as Well

You will also have to strike off two more codes in the subsection for anesthesia on procedures on the pelvis (minus the hip) – 01180 and 01190.

Make Sure You Use the Appropriate Anesthesia Codes

To report anesthesia claims for optimum reimbursement, you must have updates on new, revised, and deleted codes and stay on track to new anesthesia coding guidelines and regulatory rules affecting your practice.

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