6 Professional Men’s Accessories That Are A Must Have In The Workplace

Following the office dress code might seem like men have limited options when it comes to expressing themselves through fashion. After all, wearing hats, shades, and most kinds of jewelry are usually not allowed in a professional office space.

However, there are actually certain kinds of accessories that are allowed in most workplaces. Knowing how to use those is a great way to express your own personality and make an otherwise dull office attire look good on you. If you don’t know which accessories to get, here’s a quick list that should help you get started.

  1. Lapel Pin: Professional lapel pins are a good fashion accessory for the workplace because it is noticeable yet subtle enough not to make you stick out like a sore thumb. Wearing a lapel pin also makes your overall image look sharper and more professional – a great thing if you’re talking to workmates and your company’s potential business partners. Lapel pins are available in different designs, but a personalizing your own lapel works bet at expressing your personality.
  1. Cuff Links: Just like a lapel pin, cuff links don’t stand out that much, but add an air of sophistication and professionalism in one’s office attire. Cuff links can be made of different materials including gold, silver, platinum, and even leather, and may be adorned with cut precious stones. Others may even have printed emblems for a more personalized look.
  1. Belt or Bracers: Belts and bracers are primarily worn to keep your pants from falling down and to hide the button on the front side. Because of their purpose, they are a crucial part of your overall workplace attire. You need to make sure you choose the right color and material for the strap. While there are many types of belts, those with buckles look more formal than regular hoop belts, so go for those unless you’re going for a more casual look.
  1. Wristwatch: Despite digital clocks being a key feature in any mobile phone, the wristwatch remains a major part of men’s office fashion. We’re not talking about blocky, plastic digital watches that are more useful for outdoor activities. We’re talking about the elegant analog watches usually made of precious metals. They also give you the benefit of giving you a quick view of the time without having to pull out your smart phone from your pocket. Most wristwatches are suitable for workplace use can get very pricy, but anything that looks nice with a clean design would do regardless what it’s made of.
  1. Scarf: A scarf is usually worn outside to ward off the cold weather, but there are cases when you might want to wear one while at work, like when someone sets the thermostat too low. Aside from that niche purpose, you can also get a lightweight scarf made of thinner fabric, which is primarily designed for aesthetics rather than keeping your neck warm. Indoor scarves have become popular lately, and there are men who prefer to use a scarf instead of a necktie at the workplace, so give it a try and see if it works for you.
  1. Neckties: Nothing says “workplace fashion” than the necktie. It’s available in all colors and patterns imaginable, and it can be worn in different ways. Most professionals will have at least several neckties that they can wear to work. Some can look very formal, while others can have outrageous designs. Make sure you’re wearing the right necktie depending on what you’re doing in the workplace. After all, you wouldn’t want to mess up your best tie in today’s cocktail party and end up with your “wacky” necktie for an important meeting the next day.

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