14 Best Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

Every year by Easter, the true followers of Jesus Christ celebrate by making eggs. They symbolize the spring and the rebirth of a new life, and the process of their creation should be given special attention. And although the eggs usually paint in Clean Thursday, on the eve of Easter, it is worthwhile to determine the ideas for their decoration in advance. And almost all of them use the usual methods for this every year by purchasing dyes or plastic shells with pictures allow to quickly achieve the desired result. But every time everyone wants to invent something new, interesting not look like as always. Maybe it will not be perfect, but with a soul. Therefore, in order for the children to feel themselves full participants in the preparation for the Feast and see that the parents respect their work, entrust them with the decoration of Easter eggs. We will guide you to decorate your Easter eggs in more beautiful and innovative way by different ways mentioned below:

14 Best Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

1. For a funny and edible way to decorate eggs for serving on the table, is by making from boiled hard-boiled eggs of chicken. The more interesting it will be for them to eat small participants in the feast.

2. Surely everyone remembers how grannies painted eggs for Easter with the help of onion shell. If there are any miniature leaves or flowers from summer-autumn, you can easily find the application for good packs.

3. If you are considering a variant of decorating eggs that are not meant for eating, this way will come in handy. You can glue not only the twine but also the ordinary colored yarn. To get a striped pattern, you just need to alternate the colors of the yarn.

4. To decorate eggs with funny colorful circles, you can cut them out of cardboard, but you can just use confetti.

5. The most common decoration for cakes is colored confectionery sugar therefore, you can use it as a sprinkle over the glaze to decorate along with Easter eggs.

6. After a long abstinence from milk chocolate, you can even fry eggs in the chocolate egg. Then the children will be happy. Try to make a sweet egg with cottage cheese, and instead of yolk use jam.

7. The secret of this method is that you will need dark eggs and a white gel pen. Next, it will only give vent to fantasy. As a result, the eggs will look natural and very light.

8. From self-adhesive paper or film, cut out details with a simple outline of animals, geometric shapes, flowers and decorate the eggs, as fantasy tells.

9. A variety of powders, which mistresses decorate cakes, can become an unusual element of design for Easter eggs. To do this, you will need all the same paste and a thin brush for drawing.

10. Dilute the paint with water and pour it into a glass. By using a spoon or ladle, dip the egg halfway into a glass with paint. Do this for 3 to 4 minutes. Then raise the egg so that the water covers it for half another 5 minutes. Just raise and lower the egg. However, paint over the same principle only the bottom part of the egg. It is necessary to paint eggs only with natural dyes like beet juice, spinach, and bulb shell.

11. In a bowl of water, drip a few drops of nail polish. With a toothpick, create an arbitrary pattern on the water surface. Place the egg in the water so that the lacquer film completely covers the egg. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then remove and leave to dry. After painting eggs shine now grind them with vegetable oil.

12. Apply glue on the egg, but not all over the surface, but only partially. Brush with coarse pile clean from excess foil and before applying the foil to the egg it should be painted in the right color.

13. Cut out the desired pattern from the napkin with whiskey protein. Now wrap the dry boiled egg in a napkin and blot with whipped protein and leave to dry well. To prevent cracks in the shell, add half a teaspoon of salt to the water.

14. Fold small circles of quilling paper remember the narrower the paper, the more accurate the egg looks. Stick pieces of paper on a boiled egg, however, the pre-egg should be painted in the right color.

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