Know The Warning Signs Of Motherboard Failure

The motherboard is one of the most vital parts of a computer system or laptop as it holds together all the components inside the computer, it connects everything. The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer system while the nerve center that connects all the parts and pieces together is the motherboard itself. The motherboard is often referred as the heart of a computer system.Any issue with the motherboard can create problems with all other components thus affecting the overall performance.

However, repairing a damaged motherboard can be troubling, but is it not impossible, rich experience and adequate knowledge computer hardware can help you to repair motherboard in the simplest manner. Before getting into the diagnosis part, it is essential to beware of some of the main reasons and warning signs of motherboard failure and address them as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Some Common Reasons Your Computer’s Motherboard Might Fail

Age of your computer system Environmental factors such as dust or smoke Force or pressure Faulty or poor quality hardware components, Fan failure or heating issues, therefore it is advisable to clean the fans at least twice a year. Voltage or electricity spikes Design defects Screen or audio defects

Warning Signs Of A Motherboard Failure

A Blue Screen Of Danger

A computer or laptop screen can turn blue due to many reasons. But, a hardware problem is the main cause for a blue screen. This error is commonly experienced frequently or when you run a few specific applications that a motherboard fails to operate. You can try to solve this issue by looking for the solution on Microsoft’s site or in Google. However, if you still fail to fix the blue screen, it could be a warning sign that the problem is with your motherboard.

Freezing Issues

If you notice that your laptop or computer has been taking time to freeze up, the very first thing to troubleshoot it is to check if the software is to blame or not. The next great thing after you ruled out all software factors is to see other hardware variables, which includes the indications that the motherboard is failing.

Unusual Burning Smell

This is one of the most common signs that indicate a motherboard failure. If there is any burning odor coming from the motherboard, shut down the system right away. A burning smell may cause due to an incompatible component or overheat. Remember that, each motherboard has its own features or specifications,( this means that it has its own RAM, specific processor, hard disk and other essential components). If you use an incompatible component, this may result in serious motherboard failure or permanent damage.

To conclude, these are some common warning signs of a motherboard failure. Motherboard issues with your PC or laptop affect the entire system in many frustrating ways. Failure to troubleshoot motherboard issues could cost you a new computer system or a new installation of a PC software. If you are still confused about what to do, it is better to leave the problems and repairs to the experts who are qualified and experienced.