What Are The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures For Moms?

February 5, 2018 Health News No Comments
What Are The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures For Moms?

Regardless if you are a fresh mother of a one-month old or already have motherhood experience with two moody teenagers, chances are you have been feeling that youth cannot be taken for granted anymore. Motherhood is definitely challenging and our bodies take the hit for it. An increasing number of women of all ages have started boosting their appearance, be it through invasive or non-invasive cosmetic procedures. To this end, we have compiled a list of four of the most popular cosmetic interventions among women and hard-working moms alike:

What Are The Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures For Moms?

  1. Combat Collagen Loss with Fillers

As you probably know, collagen tends to not be so dependable once you age, causing your skin to lose its youthful elasticity. Fillers successfully address this issue – they basically act as a substitute for collagen through a substance that is injected in the affected area of your skin, which may be either a wrinkly area or one that needs a bit of a lift. The great part about fillers is that you can look in the mirror the same day and already look younger and fresher. Once six months have passed, you can begin to consider booking your next session, as effects last for anywhere between six months and a year.

  1. Exfoliate Thoroughly with Microdermabrasion

For this one, just think of the exfoliation you come up with at home and multiply it by a hundred. This is a procedure that is highly more efficient and more long-lasting than your run-of-the-mill exfoliation. Microdermabrasion works so well and leaves your skin radiant for up to three weeks especially because it exfoliates all your trapped oil and oily skin and vacuums it afterwards to ensure no impurities are left. It is a pain-free procedure and relatively affordable, so you can book a session without worrying about discomfort or about your carefully-planned finances falling apart. Simply look for the best deal on the web that offers you the perfect ratio between pay and distance to home.

  1. Let Anti-wrinkle Injections Relax Your Muscles

These have certainly made the first page years ago when many celebrities opted for them limitlessly – specifically botox, the most popular anti-wrinkle injection. The trick with botox, or botulinum toxin as it is otherwise known, is that it inhibits the impulses sent by the brain’s nervous system, causing your muscles to relax considerably over the course of the following two weeks. What everyone loves about botox is that the effects can last anywhere from three to six months, after which the muscles get back to their initial state and you’re ready for another session.

  1. Change Your Appearance with Cosmetic Surgery

Of course this is the most delicate of all procedures, since it actually requires that you go under the knife in order to change something about your appearance. The field has evolved considerably in these past years so the options are manifold: rhinoplasty, breast reduction or augmentation, facelifts, liposuction and the list goes on. This is the costlier of all procedures and it does carry the most risks for your health, but on the other hand the effects can be truly long-lasting, with a considerable positive effect on your self-esteem. Whenever cosmetic surgery is involved, you need to do thorough research on your available clinics and make sure that your doctor has a proven track record, so that best results are guaranteed.

When it comes to beauty and self-esteem, the decision is up to each particular women.These healthy tips could be helpful. Only you know what you are willing to sacrifice or risk for the gains that come with particular cosmetic procedure you choose. All we know is that, as a mom, you are a real heroine and you deserve to feel good about yourself and to maintain those fresh looks for as long as possible.