Steve Sorensen Picks On The Favorite San Diego Tourist Spots

February 6, 2018 Traveling No Comments

San Diego is a lovely place that tops tourist attractions. There are many beaches in San Diego states Steve Sorensen, and these are inexpensive too. Families and kids can enjoy holidays without much cash. Adventure and sun seekers would enjoy their time in San Diego. Hiking can be done at sandstone cliffs.

Steve Sorensen on some of the best things to do at San Diego

Balboa Park is a home to San Diego Zoo, and this is a 1200 acre park. One can enjoy a bike ride and picnic at this place. The Spanish resistance architecture can be enjoyed at this place and once can have a safe stroll also.

A botanical building is an excellent place that gets photographed more often. Some tropical plants and orchids are available at this place. There are cactus garden and rose garden in this place. It attracts many tourists. Palm tree craving and Japanese garden are some of the other attractions.

Old Globe theater is here where one can watch shows. Speckles Organ Pavilion can be visited to get a glimpse of one of the world’s largest pipe organs. San Diego Museum of art is an important place that art lovers should visit.

Museum of man and Fleet Science is for science lovers. San Diego air and space museum is a lovely place, and every family should visit this place. The railroad museum in San Diego is another attractive place.

San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum is for enthusiastic sports lovers. Comfortable walking shoes would help tourists have an attractive time here. Spanish village is another attractive place that every tourist should visit.

Coronado beach is another attraction in San Diego, and this place boasts of calmer waves. The place has less traffic for surfing, and this is an ideal place for surfing people. The shoreline is big, and that can help families and kids enjoy. Sands are considered clean and are one of the tops must-see places here.

There is a facility for beach volleyball here, and people can play here. There is a maritime museum in San Diego that get a lot of attractions. There is an amusement park style in San Diego that gets lot of attractions.

There would be historic vessels and sailing ships in San Diego, and people can see this. The boat tours would help visitors understand the work culture of people working in a boat. There are museum boats that are available for sightseeing of one likes history. There is shark underwater viewing tunnel that would help see much fish underwater .there is mission beach and pacific beach that adds to the attractions in San Diego.

There is Coronado flower show in April and San Diego earth fair that happens in April. June to August would mean that there is warm weather in San Diego. Steve Sorensen states that there is comic con event in July that can attract many visitors. There would be a need for booking of hotel rooms in advance. There would be a dip in October and November. There is the coolest period that would happen in December to February.

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