Want Quebec Skilled Worker Visa?

Are you immigrating to Canada and want to work there so, Quebec which is a province in Canada has planned to declare number of jobs this year.

Why it has secured special status?

Quebec is a city in Canada which is second most populous city in the country. Quebec has population who predominantly speak french and french is the sole official language in this province. This province has secured a reserved place amongst all the other cities in Canada. Quebec has different rules and regulations; it does not accept the common rules which are made for Canada. Quebec having a jurisdical legal system, it enjoys powers of being special and regulates its people under different set of laws. As far as immigration is concerned, it is a little difficult task to get visa for this place as compared to other places in Canada.

Quebec skilled worker visa

There are various programs made by federal Canadian government under which you can apply for visa in Canada. One program is Quebec skilled worker visa.

It is not so, that English is not used there but officially french is used and most of the people residing there speak french but you can probably spot English speakers as well.

Therefore, here below we provide you all the essential information about how can you immigrate to this province and what are the requirements which you need to fulfill in order to apply for Quebec skilled worker immigration visa.

Here, we list you the specifications which you need to know, if you want to apply for Quebec skilled worker visa.

Education requirements

  • You need to have qualifications which fall under AOT (Area of Training).
  • Your diploma must be provided to you within 5 years and if not then you must possess working experience under the training in the relevant field at least of one year.

Criteria of Work experience

Work experience can be of any of these categories:

  • Internship of full or part time
  • Full time job
  • Part time job
  • Any training program which has diploma recognition.

Age limit criteria

The age of the applicant must be above 17 years for being eligible to apply for visa.

Language skills

  • Language proficiency can award maximum of 22 points under Quebec skilled worker program.
  • French language is most commonly asked for Quebec and so it is weighted much stronger than English.
  • English skills should be above CLB 5.
  • It is to be noted that the candidate must be staying in Canada and possess relationship with any Quebec or candian citizen.

Other needs

  • Should own enough funds to stay there and settle.
  • Time taken in whole process is about 7 to 40 months. But indians can expect it wihin 12 months
  • You need to pay 765 Canadian Dollar for application.

So, if you are eligible then it will be worth it to shift there to work and reside in Quebec.To get your visa on time with no issues regarding the application you can hire a consultant for this.

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