Are Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Safe for You? – A Question Asked in A Wrong Way

March 7, 2018 Health News No Comments
Are Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Safe for You? - A Question Asked in A Wrong Way

Is vaping safe? The dictionary defines the word “safe” as something without risks or immediate danger. If by “safe” we understand this, vaping is not “safe”. But just as unsafe as eating snacks or chips. Basically, nothing that goes into our body is free of risk.

However, it is understandable why most people approach the subject of “electronic cigarette” from a safety perspective. People generally need certainty when it comes to things they do not know. The unfair fear of electronic cigarettes is source of lack of information. Check this out, e cigs aren’t as dangerous as smoking. Thus, smokers that smoke over one pack a day are afraid to try the electronic cigarette, but when asked about the risks of smoking and the lung cancer associated with it, they shrug their shoulders, probably thinking that it will not happen to them.

Many forget that, for example, driving is an activity that presents quite high risks, however, most of us accept that, and we minimize them by informing ourselves more thoroughly about this activity. Therefore, a person holding a driving license and complying with the rules of the road traffic law has less risk of an accident than a person who first drives and does not have a license.

Are Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Safe for You? - A Question Asked in A Wrong Way

The same is true about electronic cigarettes. If you are well informed about the best disposable e cig and use it properly, the risks are minimal. So, let’s see the main things that scare people about the electronic cigarette and what really are the risks associated with them:

Is the electronic cigarette safe, considering that e-liquids contain nicotine?

Here’s a first question that is wrong from the start. First of all, electronic cigarette liquids may or may not contain nicotine. Moreover, those containing nicotine are marketed with different nicotine concentrations, so that each person can choose what suits him.

Nicotine has gained a poor reputation because it has been associated with smoking and tobacco products for decades. However, scientists have concluded that nicotine in itself is not harmful, it becomes harmful only when it is associated with other toxic substances in the composition of the cigarette smoke. Nicotine also creates addiction.

According to the legislation on the marketing of the electronic cigarettes, the maximum nicotine concentration that an e-liquid can have is 20mg / ml. Such a concentration is considered safe for the body. Obviously, as long as the e-liquid is digested and not swallowed.

Are liquids electronic cigarettes safe? How do we know they do not contain toxic substances?

Here’s another question that is wrongly asked. We should ask another question: “What is the composition of the electronic cigarette e-liquids?”. At least this question has a clear response, demonstrated in numerous scientific studies.

Besides nicotine, whose presence may be optional, electronic cigarette liquids are based on a few essential components:

1) propylene glycol and / or vegetable glycerin

2) Food flavors

All of the above substances are used in the food industry and are categorized as safe for human consumption.

However, one might further object that substances are considered safe only if they are ingested, not inhaled. And here we have countless studies that have shown that the electronic cigarette vapor has a lower concentration of toxic compounds than the air we breathe daily.

Are the electronic cigarette batteries safe, considering that there have been cases when they exploded during usage?

Yes, electronic cigarettes can explode if incorrectly used or are counterfeit and of poor quality. In fact, any other electronic device has the risk of exploding. As long as you use a quality electronic cigarette according to the instructions in the user manual, the risk of explosion is zero.

So, the question “Is the electronic cigarette safe?” is a wrongly asked question. The correct question is “Is the electronic cigarette safer than smoking?”. And the answer is YES, according to specialized scientific studies and millions of people around the world who have managed to defeat the vice of smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. All the studies have shown that using electronic cigarettes breaks the habit of smoking normal cigarettes. Moreover, you can do it anywhere.