6 Tips For Finding The Best Rental Apartment

As most real estate brokers say, the secret to renting your dream apartment is to plan ahead, way ahead! So, don’t wait for the last minute to start looking for your next apartment to rent and save yourself from settling for an apartment that you don’t really like or want and being stuck with it for the next 12 months!

You need to stay ahead of the pack of other renters as over time, their numbers have only grown making it all the more difficult to find your dream apartment before anyone else signs it’s lease.

So, let’s look at some tips and tricks to get the apartment you like before anyone else gets their hands on it –

Start searching early in the month

Most renters start their apartment hunt in the second or third week of the month, making them the busiest if you are looking to rent an apartment. So, it makes sense to start your search in the first week of the month itself to secure a chance of getting your hands on the best properties available with the least competition from other renters. To broaden your choice even further, it’s advisable to start looking for a new apartment 60 days before you need to move to get the best results for your apartment hunt.

Begin online

Looking online for apartments available on rent is the most convenient way to begin your search and 90% of renters agree with this fact. Searching for apartments on Craigslist or related sites is great way to get a basic idea of the ongoing prices of properties available nearby.

Post on Social Media and ask your friends for help

A post on social media stating that you are looking for an apartment won’t hurt you in any way but the results it can reap for your apartment search is often underestimated. Asking your friends for help will open some new doors that probably wouldn’t have been possible if you were adamant on searching for apartments traditionally.

Make use of an expert

Real estate brokers specializing in rental properties will be more than happy to help you out free of charge. As different brokers have different kind of relationships with different buildings and their owners, the key is to find a broker dealing in the area of your preference.

Know your roommates

If you haven’t met your roommates before, knowing them beforehand is indeed important before moving in an apartment. As apartments mostly are rented out on a joint lease, you don’t want to pay the whole rent all by yourself if your roommates aren’t able to pay their share for some or the other reason. Ask for a separate lease from the landlord before you move in to get rid of the hassle.

Stay away from frauds

Last but not the least, stay away from online scams. If an ad on Craigslist asks you to provide your credit card details to pay an upfront payment to have a look at the apartment, stay away from it like the plague!

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