Why You Should Choose to Install Granite Countertops in Your Kitchen

For many, their kitchen is the center of the house. What is better way to upgrade it than to install granite countertops and make it stand out?

“The kitchen is the heart of the home.” No better words have been said. It’s no wonder why many families go so far as to invest in good quality kitchenware. Besides a good set of sharp knives, utensils, and appliances, one of the most used fixtures in a kitchen is the countertop. Some opt for the burnished look of weathered wood while some go for the gallant looking marble. However, for those who want a family-friendly kitchen, a solidly beautiful granite is a good choice.

Here are a few reasons why installing granite countertops is ideal for your kitchen.

  1.    Granite is extremely hard and durable.

Granite is formed by when Felsic magma within the crust of the Earth cools down and solidifies over time. It is one of the hardest natural materials on earth, second only to diamonds. But you may wonder exactly how are granite countertops made? It’s a long process of making measurements, cutting stones, and implementing quality control. This said, no granite countertops of inferior quality is sent to homeowners.

  1.    Granite is heat-resistant.

Originating from molten rock, granite countertops can perfectly withstand the heat. If you’re worried about setting a hot pan on the surface of your countertop, don’t be. The heat from the metal would hardly even register on the granite surface.

  1.      Granite is scratch-resistant.

With a MOH scale of seven, granite is considered tough enough to withstand the sharp edge of a knife. However, it is inadvisable to try cutting the granite since it will dull the blade quickly. That aside, even the hefty weight of pots and pans would not put a dent on this sturdy surface. The special sealing technique involved in the installation of a granite countertop adds an extra layer of protection.

  1.      Granite countertops are easy to clean.

There’s no need for you to use anything acidic cleaning solution on the granite surface. You can just go for neutral PH cleaners. In fact, a simple dishcloth dampened by water and dish soap would suffice in cleaning the countertop.

  1.      Granite countertops can outlast your home.

The value of a granite countertop does not depreciate over the years. Because it takes less to no damages, it is known for its longevity. According to the Tops Kitchen Cabinet, it can last for 100 years or more.

Final Thoughts

Granite countertops are an expensive commodity, but you do get the quality that you pay for. It’s an investment that will add great value to your kitchen. However, before you make the purchase, seriously ask yourself, “Will this look good in my kitchen?” If it does, take a moment to properly choose the color of the countertop as it comes in many shades. Remember that you may have to use the countertop for a long time.

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