Australian University Research: List Of Universities In Western Australia

A lot of Australian universities are world renowned in producing pioneering research studies, including multiple universities in western Australia which have invested a lot of resources into conducting high-quality research projects.

University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia places strong emphasis on conducting world-class research through strategic investments and by nurturing graduate students to become professional researchers. Currently, the University of Western Australia has identified six research strengths and will concentrate their investments in these areas: plants, animals, and agriculture, exploration, production and utilisation of minerals, oil and gas, fundamental biomedical approaches to health, indigenous knowledge, bioengineering, and neuroscience. The faculty members at the school are highly experienced researchers who are recognized nationally and internationally. Many professors are Premier’s Fellows, ARC /NHMRC Professorial Fellows, and ARC Laureate and Federation Fellows.

Curtin University of Technology

Curtin is famous for its ground-breaking research studies on science and technology. Curtin’s vision towards research and development is that through partnership and alliance, more high-quality research studies can be produced. Currently, Curtin is promoting its Future Fellowships Scheme to attract overseas talents to conduct research in the institution. International researchers are encouraged to apply for the fellowship and they will be evaluated based on how relevant their research topics are to Australia’s national priorities. Curtin’s four area of research expertise are resources & energy, sustainable development, ICT & emerging technologies, and health.

Murdoch University

Murdoch University is home to eight research institutes respectively on immunology, health, resource technology, sustainable ecosystems, animal research, crop and plant sciences, media and information technology, and sustainable societies, education and political science. Under each faculty, Murdoch has established specific research centers to focus on certain areas, such as the labor market, sustainable tourism, screen and sound, biomolecular control of disease, Asia-Pacific intellectual property law, and national plant biosecurity. The latest research published by Murdoch reveals that DNA detectives can effectively help the customs authority to protect its borders from illegal immigrants.

University of Notre Dame Australia

The school provides research funding to the Center of Faith, Ethics, and Society, Institute for Health and Rehabilitation Research, and the Center for Indigenous Studies. The research committee composes of renowned professors and researchers from different disciplines, ensuring a wide range of perspectives when it comes to research policy making. The research office at the University of Notre Dame Australia promotes a welcoming and friendly environment for new researchers and postgraduate students. It also assists researchers in obtaining funding and aid to conduct quality studies.