The Best Non Vegetarian Dishes Those Are Available In India

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The Best Non Vegetarian Dishes Those Are Available In India

India is the land of diversity. But the most profound diversity that can be seen in India is the fact that India has such a diverse eating habit. The type of food that is preferred by North Indian is completely different from the type of food preferred by the south Indians. There are very few places in India which have the same eating habits. It is not that people from one place hate the food from another place but they tend to prefer the food that is popular locally. There are a few dishes that unify the entire non vegetarian population of India. These dishes are very popular throughout India and the Indian subcontinent. Some of these dishes are even widely known across the globe as well. Due to globalisation in recent times these dishes have spread far and wide and people in all parts of the world nowadays know about these preparations and in many places incorporate some of the recipes into their own cooking as well.

The Best Non Vegetarian Dishes Those Are Available In India

Today we are going to talk about a few of those non vegetarian dishes which have the potential to unite the entire non vegetarian population of India. People love food. Food is one thing that everyone unanimously loves. Food has no substitute. Following are some of the dishes that are absolutely among the top tiered non veg dishes available in India:

  • Mutton curry: This is a dish that is not too complicated to make but then again making this dish is not easy by any means of the word. This dish takes a long time to cook. If you wish to get the recipe of how to cook mutton curry then you should just go online and search the recipe for mutton curry. The recipe is simple enough but the process can get a bit tricky at times. Thus, it is important that before going ahead and trying to cook it for the first time it is better to watch a video on how to cook mutton curry and then jump into cooking it yourself.
  • Chicken butter masala: This is a widely popular dish that is available in almost every state in India. Almost every restaurant you go to which serves non veg food would have chicken butter masala in their menu.
  • Chicken do peyaza: This is an absolute delicacy. It is a must try if you are on a trip visiting India.
  • Tandoori chicken: Tandoori chicken is popular worldwide and you would find tandoori chicken in almost every restaurant in India.
  • Kadhai chicken: Kadhai is a cooking utensil that is used Indian kitchen for cooking. Kadhai chicken is an absolute mouth-watering delicacy that is served straight from the kadhai to your plate while it’s sizzling hot.

These are just a few of the many amazing non vegetarian dishes that are available in India. If you are someone who is travelling the subcontinent of India then these are the few dishes that you must try out.