Why Cats Spend Most Of Their Time Grooming Themselves?

If you have ever lived with a cat or witnessed their demeanor you can tell they like to lick themselves a lot. The reason behind it? Well they are very self-aware in terms of cleanliness and self-grooming. You feline friend likes to keep itself clean and neat so that they can have a clear sense of smell. The cat likes licking itself in order to get rid of the debri on its fur.

Other than just simply trying to remove all the dirt on its body, the other reason why your pet has to lick themselves is nothing but thermoregulation that helps keep their body to a normal temperature in a hot weather.

Every cat has a pattern they like to follow when it comes to grooming. While some might like cleaning their neck and shoulders or paws, most cats don’t forget to clear their face once done eating. You would notice that every cat in this world like to keep their face, especially their whiskers neat and clean.

No matter where they go and where they are coming from, they will clean themselves up instantly. One of the other reasons why a cat likes grooming is a sign that they are comfortable in the environment they are in. Coming from the litter box, they will make sure they remove all the litter in their paws and their body. An observation has also pointed out that grooming is a displacement behaviour in cats. Where displacement behaviour means shifting focus from anything stressful to simply grooming themselves.

Should my cat’s excessive grooming bother me?

Not to scare you readers, but there might be times when you should be concerned about the excessive grooming your pet has undertaken to. Especially if you see it licking itself all over the body for more than 50% of the time during the day.

Why you should be concerned?

The reasons could be many ranging from skin infections to fleas, allergies, dealing with some sort of pain in their body and more.

Another observation of excessive grooming could be seen in male cats where you might find then licking their genitals more than often. This could be an indicator to a more critical problems as many vets suggest such behaviour arises when the cat is experiencing  some sort of urinary blockage. It can be hard to diagnose such problems on your own which is why visiting your nearest vet would be an ideal thing to do.

While excessive grooming is common in pets, if your feline friend is showing unusual signs you should consult a neighborhood vet immediately. If you wish to take your cat for professional grooming in New Braunfels, Texas then there are many options to choose from. A professional cat grooming parlor will ensure your cat gets the best care and a nice retreat.