Must Visit Racecourses

Horse racing sports required a right place to hold like it should be a venue that suitable for horses. This sport has a relationship between the animals and the jockey. It is also a popular sports that known to be the richest sport, the racecourse are also found in popular places in the world. It’s one of the most expensive sports. The amount of money that people involved in this sports are really big from buying horse its maintenance and of course the highlight of it your bet. Here are top 5 horseracing tracks us must check.

Tokyo racecourse in Japan

A great place in watching race. It has the biggest screen of video in the world. Its capacity is composed of 223,000 people. It was opened 1933.

Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky

It has Museum and clubhouse one of the best racecourse in the world.

Santa Anita in Arcadia United States

It has mountain serve as backdrop. A very remarkable scenery. It seats consist of 26,000 capacity.

Saratoga in Saratoga Springs United States

Was opened on 1863, It was the oldest venue in the country. You will not believe but it survives from two world war. It has a unique features including mineral spring.

Aintree Rarecourse in England

It is the famous racecourse in England, You must try to witness the Grand National at Aintree it is held every April.

These are only racecourse that is popular in the world you can still visit other country like in Europe particularly in United Kingdom, Ireland and France. This places are had a great history of racing. In Europe the horse are need to jump over fences. Don’t miss the chance to visit in this place. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. It is popular through its scenic beauty, another place you will not regret to visit. Australia, In Africa in Asia racecourse now are all over for you to enjoy.

I has been a great opportunity for horse racing lovers to visit in this places and experience the beauty of nature itself and the beauty of this sports. Worthy enough for your expenses. A once in lifetime experience that makes a lot of memory that e you will cherished. The best thing in life is you engaged into the things that you love most to do in give your bets on it. The Horse racing sports is promoting a genuinely its history.

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