How To Make The Best Out Of A Malaga Trip

Malaga is a city located in Spain known for the port that it harbors. There are plenteous places to visit and enjoy in the city. A list of some of the best places located in the city are mentioned below.

La alcazaba

The La alcazaba is a fort palace having moorish backgrounds. They are located on the hills and there stand two walls protecting the inner as well as the outer citadel. The outer citadel is known to protect the beautiful gardens while the inner one is known for keeping the palace safe.

Roman Theatre

As the name suggests, this is a beautiful theatre which was commissioned by the Romans and it is located just down the hill where alcazaba was located. It include several tiers of seating and has a caveat which is 16 metre high.

Malaga Cathedral

The cathedral of this city took a bit more time than the ones built in other parts of the world and its north towre is 84 feets tall. This is a place if you have been looking for peace in the city.

Castillo De Gibralfaro

This is yet another hilltop fortress just like Alcazaba. It is known to be one of the landmarks present within the city of Malaga. There is just a single and a major thing that differentiates both which is the war like purposes for which it was built. This place has certain elements like lookout towers and the ramparts that are still present at the same place.

Museo del Vidrio

This place is a sort of museum keeping a repository of all the historical remains from the ancient times. The place harbor consists of ancient possessions from Romans, ancient Greeks, Egyptians and the Phoenicians.

Atarazanas Market

Keeping aside the shopping purposes associated with the place, the building is extremely gorgeous made up of elegant iron and a giant canopy. This is a usual marketplace stocked with all kinds of usual local market goods like fruits, vegetables along with some bars to enjoy a drink.

Parque de Malaga

This is the best spot to visit when the sun shines way too bright which might cause the temperatures to rise. But you will be surprised to see how cool this place stays even during the hottest season. The lush green environment and the ever flowing ponds are refreshing and make it the best place to visit during the summers.

The automobile and fashion museum

If you are a fan of classic automobile or fashion, then this place is a worth visit for you. The place houses over 100 classic cars, including Aston Martins, Bugattis and many other. The collection is antique and lets you race back to the time when these cars were just introduced and had taken the world by a storm.

Malaga is a beautiful city situated in Spain. If you too are visiting Malaga anytime soon and have got no clue of what to do there, then give the above section a read. Also, the best way to visit any of these locations is to use Malaga airport taxi transfers as they are the most convenient and luxurious transport options.