Why Does Haris Ahmed Suggest Aspiring Students To Go For Engineering?

May 22, 2018 Business No Comments
Why Does Haris Ahmed Suggest Aspiring Students To Go For Engineering

At one of time in life, each and every student has to take a decision about pursuing their career. Of some of the stereotypical choices that a student has, engineering is definitely a lucrative and promising choice as that gives the students a bright perspective of getting a job and prosper in life.

Haris Ahmed, an aspiring BTech student in Chicago has immense interest in academics and he has been working hard to inspire many more like him. One who studies his career growth will really be mesmerized how he pulled himself up amidst multiple challenges and kept up with the performance always. But what are few things which the students should keep in mind while taking up engineering?

Important Things to Notice- Haris Ahmed Doesn’t Miss Out A Point

Placement is a vital word in the dictionary of all college students who are one step back from making their entry into the professional world. There are certain socio-economic factors which influence the placement of the students. As the technology grows along with multiple engineering projects running across the globe, the scope to find recruitment has indeed got better than the past few decades. And not only that, even the graduates are being paid pretty well by the engineering companies. Obviously, the best time to improve your engineering skills is while pursuing the BTech degree. Attend as much internship you can, as that will give you exposure to the harsh world that the students will face in the days to come.

What lack in most of the education systems are the application skills which are not found in the students? What is the point in learning the theories if those cannot be applied just when it’s needed? The more a student is involved in practical learning, the more interest grows in the students trying out new ways of applying what they learn every day. Classroom knowledge is essential, but that is not going to take men and women much far. To get the edge over the rest of the competitors, it is essential for the students to start applying more and implement their knowledge in real life practice.

Stepping out of the comfort zone and making yourself adaptable to any situation is essential to exist in this world. And this can only happen when you leave your house and step in some foreign land. According to Haris Ahmed, who has travelled all the way to Chicago to pursue BTech degree, this is possible only when students will get the scope to visit distant lands for job or higher education. Of all the disciplines, it is engineering that can give them the scope pick up higher education or job in foreign countries.

Also the options stretch out in front of the students when they take up a BTech degree. They get charged up by the facilities that the universities provide nowadays, and can also steer their career in the right path prospering better than ever.

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