Valuable Tips One Should Know To Get Into Ketosis

We put every possible effort for a healthy mind and a fit body. Looking slim and beautiful is desire of almost everyone and for that we try everything that could help us in achieving it. Ketogenic diet is boon to all those people who want to reduce their weight. It has been medically stated that consumption of keto diet reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer and many more.

Ketosis is a natural process that body starts to help us surviving in the condition when the food consumption is low. In this state, body produces ketones that are produced by the breakdown of fats present in the liver. The final goal of a perfectly maintained ketogenic diet is to enable your body into the metabolic state. This process doesn’t happen through starvation of calories but due to starvation of carbohydrates.

The Keto diet contains more number of fats and less number of carbs due to which the body incurs weight loss. Weight gain is the major problem at the present time in all age groups. Ketosis helps you to increase the metabolism rate and help losing your weight. Through ketogenic diet it is easy to fit up in your old jeans again. There are certain steps that justify whether you are in Ketosis.

Key Tips to Get Into Ketosis

  • Minimum Carbs Intake – The basic rule to get into the ketosis is to reduce the intake of carbs.  If you consume less carbs then the level of glycogen lowers and the insulin level reduce in the body. Due to this fatty acids release from the fat storage inside the body.
  • Use Of Coconut Oil – Consumption of coconut oil can help you to get into the ketosis. The coconut oil contains fat called Medium chain triglycerides. The coconut oil consists of four types of the MCT’s out of which 50% of the fat comes from the lauric acid.
  • Increase Your Physical Activities – Ketosis will be beneficial only and only if you perform physical activities daily. Only diet cannot improve your performance along with that you have to perform physical activities like endurance exercise. If the carbs intake is lowers then, there would be less glycogen store and due to this the liver produces high number of ketones in the body. These ketones act as fuel source for the body.
  • Intake Of High Fat Diet – To get into ketosis it is necessary to lower the carbs intake and along with that it is necessary to take high fat diet. Ketogenic diet contains 70% to 90% calories from fat sources. Good fats involve coconut oil, avocado oil, butter and lard.
  • Try A Fast – Another method to go into the ketosis is through fast. You can try a short fast that is between dinner and breakfast or a long duration fast that is for a day or two. Children suffering from epilepsy go into a fasting session of 24 -48 hours to start ketogenic process quickly so that the seizures can be reduced as soon as possible.

To wrap it up, it is suggested to follow keto diet for a healthy body. Now-a-days you can even order the keto meal online, so you don’t have to run to stores for the diet.

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