What Are The Top Travel Options You Have In Menorca?

A Cala Galdana vacation is hard to top when it comes to relaxation. Situated on the incredible Spanish island of Menorca, this resort is commonly considered to be one of the most beautiful coves in the Western part of the Mediterranean. It is nestled between high cliffs and waters that shelter the cover from the wind, the sweeping bay that offers an amazing setting for a relaxing and calm holiday escape.

While on a Cala Galdana vacation, many people find almost everything they require in nearby access, with great access to restaurants, entertainment, and other amazing activities directly available on the site. But, for those who are interested in dividing their leisure and beach time with some sightseeing, there are several other means the visitors can get around the island. For bikes to buses to car hire Menorca, it all can be a great pleasure of adventure.

Take Buses

The main bus station you will find on Menorca are in Ciutadella and Mahon/Maó, visitors can easily find bus connections to several villages, sights and parks across the island. Taking an afternoon trip to either of these places is quite easy. If you plan on visiting Mahon for lunch and sightseeing, you can hop on the bus to Mahon early morning and get back by evening. There are several buses running every day to Ciutadella with a travel time of around 35 minutes, making it a great short trip from Cala Galdana. Vacationers can certainly find more bus details at the Menorca Guide website.

Car Hire

Quite of bit of the island can be seen by bus, but if you intend to do some research beforehand and stick to your schedule or do not want yourself to be stranded anywhere for longer than you hoped, you can opt for car hire Menorca services. Car hire Menorca offers you the freedom to create your own schedule, and be a bit spontaneous with your route. Menorca is not a very big island, which allows the drivers with an opportunity to see a lot of landscapes in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, there are several beautiful vistas and coves not on the usual routes for the public buses, and the only way to reach them is by car or foot.


While you are enjoying your stay at this delightful resort, you will enjoy access to some of the great outdoor activities, including cycling. As it is a hill area, it perhaps be tough to get very far if you are not an experienced cyclist, but cycling around offers you with a lot more options to explore the nearby coves.

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