5 Electric Appliances Every Kitchen Must Have

Cooking has, over the years, become more an art than just a mundane and boring household chore. As more and more high-end electronic appliances are introduced in the market, most kitchens are a storehouse of beauty and luxury.

That being said, besides all the functional benefits, that women love to invest their savings in, many of these electric appliances are masterpieces made specifically to save our energy and time.

There are a few electric appliances that all kitchens need. So, in case you are setting up your new home, or just taking stock of the items you have, use our list to ensure that you have all the essential electric appliances in the kitchen.

1.     A Blender

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a contemporary kitchen without such an incredibly wonderful appliance as a blender. Whether you have a countertop blender or an immersion blender, keep in mind that, both will be immensely helpful.

An electric blender is an essential appliance for making those delicious smoothies as well as other frozen drinks, mixing custards, pureeing soups, chopping soft ingredients. It can also do a lot of other emulsifying and chopping tasks.

If you are going the countertop route, it is probably better to upgrade to a reliable, high-end model that provides sheer power as well as versatility. On the other hand, if you need a reliable and multi-functioning tool and want to save space, then a high-quality immersion blender is certainly the way to go.

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2.     Toaster Oven

Sure, a toaster oven takes up a little more space compared to a regular toaster, but it is an extremely useful electric appliance that you must buy.

You can heat or toast thicker and stickier items such as oversized bagels, homemade bread, French toast or waffles. You can also use it to melt cheese, brown breadcrumbs or broil a sugar topping.

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And that is not all as you may use your toaster oven to prepare small quantities of food, like a mini pizza or a few cookies, without needing to waste a lot of energy or heating up your house with a conventional oven.

3.     Food Processor

The third on our must-have electric appliance list is the versatile and reliable food processor. You can do plenty of things with this handy device. A food processor is brilliant as it can slice, chop, grate, knead dough, puree, and blend and emulsify, among other things.

This is why you could save a lot of time in your kitchen if you skillfully use the food processor for various everyday tasks, like chopping onions, grating cheese, slicing vegetables and kneading biscuit dough.

Although a food processor is usually a costly electrical appliance, investing in a top-quality version means you will get a larger-capacity bowl, more powerful motor, as well as a sturdier design, along with some useful accessories.

4.     An Electric Kettle

Our list would not be complete without this appliance. An electric kettle is certainly one of those deceptively important small appliances. You may not think it is essential for your kitchen until you get one, and then you will realize that you use it almost all the time, perhaps more compared to any other electric appliance in the kitchen.

It is a lot more energy-efficient and convenient than boiling water on your stove, and ten times as fast. If you happen to binge-drink a fair amount of tea or coffee, it is a game-changer and godsend. An electric kettle is simply a wonderful appliance and your kitchen would not be complete without it. And the best part is it won’t hurt your wallet.

5.     Pressure Cooker

Whether you are cooking stubborn vegetables or beans, a high-quality pressure cooker is definitely the way to go!

This appliance will save you both time and money. It will save you time, as it cooks much faster than most other cooking methods out there, and it will save you money, as you will save gas if you use it!

In this day and age when most women work and don’t have a lot of time for cooking decent meals, there is no doubt that a good pressure cooker is something that would save the day!

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