Day at the Beach: Healthy Snacks and Drinks

Do you like sunny and sandy beaches? Going to the beach this weekend? The car rental service is already picked and you start packing. Often it takes no more than 10 minutes to pack everything you have in your fridge to the beach bag. But it usually takes no more than an hour to understand that you were wrong. It’s so easy to fill your backpack with a skit of things you will rare use or will never use at all. The same is about food and beach snacks. Are you going to pack any fatty dish that suits your sweet tooth the most? After an hour or two under the hot sun you will be sorry for what you have done.

So, what kind of food is good for the beach holidays?

Various kinds of dry citrus fruits on white background


Dried fruits and nuts

Dried fruits and nuts can be the best combination for a healthy snack at the beach. The best thing here is that you can take whatever you like. If you adore fruits and seeds you can take them all. If you like salty nuts, you can add them to your snack bag too. This must be a perfect combination of proteins, carbos, and other nutritional chemicals that are healthy for your organism. If you don’t know what you like the most, you may take the nutty bars that contain different sorts of fruits, nuts and seeds mixed together. But don’t take chocolate in a hot day.

Fresh fruits

The best choice for your beach picnic is citrus, watermelon, berries, mango, and apricots. Why fruits? You should know that fruits contain phytochemicals that protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Of course, it doesn’t mean that having fruits in your bag can protect you to the full. Don’t forget to take your sun blocking cream, hat to feel absolutely safe and happy. Anyway, fresh fruits are always the best snack at any season.


Banana snacks

If you are still in trouble about what you like the most salty or sweet snacks, you can try this. Why don’t you take bananas with a peanut butter? It’s a kind of life hack for travelers. Bananas are full of vitamins B6 and C. Just add some butter to your banana and eat it with a piece of bread. You have enough energy to surf the ways all day long.

Raw vegetables

Vegetables are as good as fruits. You can take some slices of carrots, pepper, and broccoli with you for snack. Red and green vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins to keep your body strong and healthy. Also, they help to protect your skin and good in moisture treatment.



Don’t be surprised to read this name here. It’s a kind of beans that is rich in proteins and cellulose. It can be a perfect snack for a beach day. You may use frozen vegetables or cook it in the way you like.


It is always important to stay fresh and beautiful under the sun, especially for ladies. Don’t forget to drink enough water, it is much better than sodas and other modern energy drinks. If you want something special, you can add some cucumbers, citrus, or even herbs to your water. Still boring? There is a plain and simple solution – ice tea. You can make the tea at home, add something like lemon, aromatic fruits and berries. Ice tea can be rather pleasant and healthy drink at the beach. If you don’t have time for making your tea, you can buy it ready-to-use.



Other snacks

Of course, you can stay happy with having tea and fruits during the day. What if you feel a bit hungry? It is time to take something more substantial than nuts and fruits. Just pack some cheese or cheese paste, mini sandwiches, fruit yogurt, and juice to keep it cool till the lunch time when you are ready to take your food.

Are there special beach snacks you used to take while traveling? If so, you should check your list and add more healthy content. By the way, beach is not for eating. You can meet a lot of new interesting people here and make friends. It often happens that people live in a big city but feel lonely. They are always in a hurry, running from home to office. No time for living and making friends. Visiting beach is not only pleasure but a kind of special activity, favorable surrounding to feel happy, relaxed and healthy. Traveling with kids, healthy snacks in MUST HAVE option for you. They are active and full of energy. Your task is making your family members feel absolutely great! Anyway, there must be always something in your bag you can share with your new friends. Think about it!

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