The Different Types of Advanced Imaging Procedures

Advanced imaging is necessary for identifying and treating a medical condition. A technician uses high-quality equipment to scan a certain area of the body. Your physician looks at the results of the scan to make an accurate diagnosis. The procedure you go through depends on what part of your body needs to be scanned. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are several types of advanced imaging procedures.

Open MRI Scan

Your doctor may order an open MRI scan to check for a condition in your brain, organs or spinal cord. It is also used to check for cancer, a stroke or heart disease. The open design reduces anxiety or claustrophobia because it does not feature a tunnel bore. It can also scan patients of different body types with ease.

Mammography Procedure

A mammography plays an important role in maintaining your breast health. It is an X-ray of the breast that checks for lumps, cysts and cancer. Your doctor may order a mammogram to investigate an ailment or as an annual precaution. Facilities such as North Dover Radiology offer mammography services ranging from mobile screening to advanced diagnostic exams.

Digital X-Ray

Your doctor may order a digital X-ray to diagnose a bone fracture or abdominal condition. It can also be used to find a foreign object in the soft tissues. A digital X-ray involves lying or standing near a cassette holder. The machine only uses a low dose of radiation, and your technician can easily manipulate the images for an accurate diagnosis.

Low Dose CT

A low dose CT scan can be used to scan your bones, organs or soft tissues, and it can also be used to check for lung cancer. A CT scan uses a rotating gantry takes cross-sectional images of the body, which provides different views of the target area. This allows your doctor to accurately diagnose your condition.

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