Facebook launches new messenger application

Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites. It has a huge number of users all over the world, approximately 50 million. It is said Facebook has reached places where there are no roads!

Now Facebook has made another move to extend the number of users. It has developed a new application for phones using the Android operating system. The messenger application will now let everyone, even those without a Facebook account, to connect via messages with everyone who has a phone number.

This kind of an application cannot be initiated by Facebook alone. It has thus collaborated with all the essential network tycoons and electronic device manufacturers to bring this idea to life.

This application is revolutionary in the sense that although it has been initiated by Facebook, a user does not require a Facebook account to avail it. An independent account can be created using only the phone number and name, and they are all set to use the service.

The launch will take place in some countries like Australia, South Africa etc with other countries to be added to the list very shortly. This launch will help connect the developing countries with the developed countries, and also the under developing countries.

The only requirement of this application is to have the person you want to connect to in your phone’s contact list. All the people on your phone’s contact can be messaged through this application.

Following their goal of connecting the people all over the world, Facebook has launched this new application. The new application aims at connecting those who do not have a Facebook account or chose to not have one.

With some issues in the security of the site, and some controversies regarding some other issues on the site, some people have opted to close their accounts in the site. Thus this application is created to help those people also to stay connected and increase the credibility of the site.

The application is very easily available and is completely free. It does not require any other supportive software or files to run and is independent in that sense. It does not need any specific network package also and thus is very user friendly.

The application is very well received in the parts of the world where it is already launched. There also a building anticipation for the application in the parts of the world where it is supposed to be launched shortly.

It is a very user friendly application, following the trend that Facebook has carried on all this time, this application is also very useful.

The application will not only connect people who are not connected via Facebook, but also benefit the users already availing the services of the social networking site. People who constantly want to stay in touch with their contacts can do so using this messenger application. And if you miss some of the messages you can check them out through your Facebook account by logging in. It is truly a one of a kind application.

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