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The Gaining Popularity Of Plastic Surgery – What Are The Benefits Associated With It

The Gaining Popularity Of Plastic Surgery – What Are The Benefits Associated With It?

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Plastic surgery is done typically to enhance someone’s appearance which is deemed to be the primary benefit of this process. But there’s more to it than looking better. Plastic surgery is gradually gaining more momentum than ever. As per the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 16 million procedures of plastic surgery were performed in 2016, which saw an increase of more than 400% since the first time the statistics was gathered a decade earlier.

The Gaining Popularity Of Plastic Surgery – What Are The Benefits Associated With It

The multiple benefits of plastic surgery are widely accepted but that doesn’t mean that you should go for it without taking a close look at the risks and benefits of the same. Let’s take a look at the little-known benefits of plastic surgery that you should know about.

  • Improved physical health conditions

There are some plastic surgery processes which can enhance your physical health and also your outward looks. Have you heard about rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery? While this surgery may enhance the shape of your nose, it may also enhance the process of breathing at the time due to the improvements of the aesthetics of the nose. Women can even opt for breast reduction surgery which improves body contour and also relieves you of neck and back pain and irritation in skin due to large breasts.

  • Improves your self-confidence

It is true that when you look good, you also feel good. Therefore, when you opt for improvements to your physical appearance, this definitely increases your self-confidence and this will mean more willingness to try out new things or be more candid in social gatherings. You might now feel comfortable in wearing few types of clothing or take part in activities which you used to avoid before undergoing the surgery.

  • Improved mental health

You can even gain mental health benefits from procedures like plastic surgery. Post surgery, there are some people who experience a reduction of social anxiety due to new positive feelings like self-confidence which is inspired by the new look. You will also exercise greater control over your life and become more eager to take on new challenges. You will start leading your life in a whole new charged-up way.

  • Better personal and professional opportunities

There are few studies which reveal that people who are more attractive usually enjoy more personal and professional opportunities. As per a study published in Applied Financial Economics, it was found that attractive real estate agents were more used to selling properties at a higher cost than agents who weren’t considered as attractive. Few other studies even saw that attractive people make better salaries as they get easily selected for promotions. So, don’t you think this is an added benefit of plastic surgery?

Therefore, if you have not been confident about your eyes or nose or smile or any part of your body, you can definitely check out as they have detailed information on plastic surgery procedures. By taking a look at the ‘before and after’ pictures, you can also be sure of the results.

Sometimes Allowing Your Child To Have Life-Changing Plastic Surgery Is A Good Thing

Sometimes Allowing Your Child To Have Life-Changing Plastic Surgery Is A Good Thing

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Healthy self-esteem is something that doesn’t always come easy. In its simplest form, self-esteem is a way of thinking and feeling about yourself. When you’re a child or teen, low self-esteem can do a number on your developing personality, outlook on life and social situations. Young people just want to fit in, be accepted, liked or respected. If a young person has been born with ears that protrude, a large nose or asymmetry of their facial features, it can be difficult to ignore the mean words that are spoken.

Sometimes Allowing Your Child To Have Life-Changing Plastic Surgery Is A Good Thing
Social Media Has Sent Bullying To Nastier Levels

Bullying has been around for generations now, but we hear and see more of it today. The internet has played a major role in the acceleration of teasing and tormenting others. According to, research shows that 92% of American teens go online every day, and social media is the way they connect.

Sometimes Allowing Your Child To Have Life-Changing Plastic Surgery Is A Good Thing

Peer And Social Pressures Influence Personal Appearance

It can be difficult for a parent, because sometimes a child will not speak up and share to their family the bullying or the insecurity they might be feeling about their crooked nose. Or if the child does confide in their family about wanting to get their nose fixed, often times, they’re told they’re too young and to just stand tall and be confident.

Teens are all about their personal appearance and are constantly bombarded with perfect-looking celebrities. The pressure to look a certain way and to fit in can be enormous. Not only do teens feel this constant pressure from their peers but also from today’s culture.

Parents Who Allow Plastic Surgery Can Change Lives

Parents who approve of plastic surgery can be doing a tremendous service to a young person’s self-esteem. In fact, the decision can be life-changing, says Dr. Thomas Romo III, Director of Facial Plastic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC and one who often gives corrective surgery to children with facial deformities.

“A change in physical attributes such as a large nose or ears that stick out, can have a great effect on a teen’s self esteem. I have had teens come into my office that are shy and uncomfortable. Plastic surgery transforms them into proud, confident individuals who can then become who they always had the potential to be.”

Plastic Surgery For Youth Not A Light Decision

A young person’s level of maturity and ability at decision making also plays a role. Parents should have a lot of discussion with their child about their desire to alter a feature. Family members should make sure their child isn’t making an impulsive decision.

When both are on board, plastic surgery can deliver an amazing physical transformation and good self-esteem. When a child blends in with their peers, they feel normal.

Plastic Surgeon Ha Beautifully Transforming Young Faces

Dr Kien Ha is a well-respected Australian trained and fully accredited Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeon, with a special interest in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery. He understands how a facial deformity can upset a teen and how a small procedure can totally change a young person inside and out.

Dr. Ha’s Before and After images speak volumes.

Mark Twain once said: “The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”

A child who feels sadness, defeat and unacceptance because of a feature that looks out of place, deserves our compassion. One who allows their child to have life-changing plastic surgery after careful thought, is a good, loving parent.

6 Important Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Breast Enlargement

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Every woman should feel proud of their breasts. If you are overly concerned about the shape, symmetry or size of your breasts, breast augmentation comes in handy. If you are uncomfortable about the shape and size of your breast it is time to talk to a reputable cosmetic surgeon. In fact you are not alone; breast enlargement is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). In the UK breast augmentation procedures increased by 13% in 2014/2015 according to British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps).

Breast Augmentation for Self Esteem

Breasts matter a lot to every woman. They are a focal point of attention and the eye seems to be involuntarily drawn to them.  When a woman feels they are not perfectly shaped their confidence takes a beating. With low self-confidence you will find yourself involuntarily avoiding people, which affects your social skills. For breast cancer survivors breast implants are great as a way of healing the scars both physically and emotionally.

6 Important Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Breast Enlargement

What you need to know

When you visit your doctor make sure you ask these questions in order to understand the procedure comprehensively. The answers will make you feel more at ease as you prepare for the surgery:

  1. What does breast enlargement entail? This is an out-patient procedure carried out by a qualified and registered cosmetic surgeon. It is done under general aesthetic and a small incision is made under the breast and an implant is then inserted to give you the shape and size you want for your breasts.
  2. Is this procedure for me? If you want fuller breasts which are symmetrical and in line with the rest of the body, yes. If you are after a more youthful shape, breast augmentation is also for you. If you want a curvier shape your breasts can make this a reality and augmentation ensures you enjoy this shape.
  3. Who is the right candidate for breast augmentation? This procedure is for mature women over 18 years. You must also be in good general health. Your cosmetic surgeon will assess your medical history during the free consultation to ascertain you are fit for the surgery.
  4. What are the options available? You can either get saline or silicone implants. Saline is sterile salt water that will be absorbed by the body in case of a leak. Silicone is a gel that cannot be absorbed in case of a leak hence the need for regular checkups.
  5. Is this procedure safe? There are no known risks of breast augmentation. Scientific studies have consistently shown that breast enlargement poses no risk to your health. In case of silicone gel leaking your surgeon will correct the problem.
  6. Will I have ugly scars after the surgery? Modern technology allows for minute incision that even a naked eye will not easily notice. Surgical incisions are made in discreet areas under the natural crease of your breasts or the armpit.

During consultations with your doctor you should also enquire about the cost, aftercare and any risk factors that you need to know. Your doctor has the expertise to answer all your breast augmentation queries so feel free to ask them all.


Have A Trim Belly With Abdominoplasty Or Tummy Tuck

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The abdomen will be left sagging and with a large number of grooves as a result of weight fluctuations and pregnancy.

Have A Trim Belly With Abdominoplasty Or Tummy Tuck

To correct this through cosmetic surgery. The tummy tuck is recommended.

What Is Tummy Tuck?

This is a surgery to get rid of any excess skin and fat buildup in the abdomen which could arise as a result of age, obesity and pregnancy.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical operation which aims to flatten the abdomen in order to give it a better appearance by removing excess skin, getting rid of stretch marks and reducing the thickness of subcutaneous fat around the abdomen.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For  Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is suitable for women after pregnancy when their skin has several grooves and is very flaccid. It is usually recommended that the operation be performed after the woman is no longer having babies as the muscles and skin will be relaxed at this point.before the operation counselling will be done to ensure that the patient is emotionally stable as this can be a problem after the surgical operation.

When Is Abdominoplasty Required?

If you are not satisfied with your abdomen’s shape then you are a prime candidate for the operation.

This is usually when the abdomen has several grooves and there is sagging of the skin. A woman who is no longer bearing children may want to have an abdominoplasty. A new pregnancy will cause the abdominal wall and skin to relax and that will lead to the development of stretch marks. A mini-abdominoplasty is an option for a woman who has stopped having children and wants to have a flatter abdomen.

How Is Tummy Tuck Performed?

The specific needs of the patient is thoroughly considered and the surgery is done on an individual basis and in accordance with the specific requirements and needs of the patient.

The operation is done under local anesthesia and it is usually advisable to begin the surgery with liposuction of the abdomen in order to reduce and subcutaneous fat. A transverse incision is made in the lower part of the abdomen to ensure that the incision scar is located at the bikini line. Tissues will be dissected right above the upper abdominal muscles, the waist line is improved and the muscles are then carried to the center. The skin is then stretch out and any excesses are resected.

It is possible that the navel could be repositioned by having a hole made and repositioning the navel in the new hole. Drains are inserted and the wounds are sealed.

What Is The Recovery Period?

After the surgery you can actually start walking. It is advisable that you walk for at least 60 seconds and for 3 to 4 times daily.

You may have difficulty walking upright but it is normal after surgery for the first four days, but on the fifth day you should try walking upright. The drains are removed between the 5th and 7th day and postoperative girdle is recommended for a period of six weeks.

Slice Me Up To Make Me Pretty

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Women all over the world go under the knife every day in the pursuit of beauty that they feel nature didn’t give them. They are unhappy with their eyes, their noses, their cheeks, and various other aspects that others may not see but, to these women, these are flaws that simply must be fixed.

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Raghu Athre attends to the multiple factors that bring patients into his office. “My responsibility is not skin deep with only aesthetic concerns, but rather to address all of their functional concerns, aesthetic concerns and emotional concerns,” he says about the full scope of the type of care he gives his patients.

Slice Me Up To Make Me Pretty
While all of the reasons for getting plastic surgery are personal, some of those personal needs have a lot to do with physical function. Sometimes a defect is not only unpleasant to look at, but also keeps the body from working the right way. Owen Wilson’s nose might not look pretty, but it still seems to function just fine. On the other hand, there are plenty of victims of broken noses who continue to have difficulty breathing after their noses have healed. These patients, both men and women, would do well to seek the help of a plastic surgeon.

The common thought is that women who go under the knife for aesthetic reasons are doing it for someone else. Maybe they want to attract or keep a man by looking more youthful. Like all stereotypes, this one has its root in a little bit of fact. There are women who choose to undergo plastic surgery for these reasons. However, according to Australian cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bryan Mendelson, a vast majority of women are doing it for themselves. How does he know this? “99.99% of my patients hide eyelid surgery, chin tucks and other facial operations from their husbands and kids.”

Slice Me Up To Make Me Pretty
If such a vast majority of procedures are being hidden, then why are these women going through the risk of surgery to obtain results that they hope no one else will notice? It speaks to the final point that Dr. Athre made: emotional concerns. Dr. Mendelson backs this up: “The fact is it’s about self-esteem. They’re doing it for themselves.”

There are many ways that plastic surgery can help a woman feel better about herself. Some women describe it as finally being happy in their own looks, but they’re really saying that they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin right now. By having plastic surgery they can change that one (or two or three) thing(s) that they’ve never liked about themselves. They can enhance it, reshape it, or maybe just get rid of it all together.

When a woman looks better in her own mind, she also feels better. She feels sexier. A woman who feels sexy is also more likely to have a healthier sex life. A woman’s largest sex organ is her brain. When she feels sexy, she acts sexy, and she and her partner both enjoy having a good time in the bedroom–or elsewhere!

Whether a woman is thinking about a minor procedure such as injections or she’s considering taking the more drastic step of going under the knife, her reasons and her decision making process are her own. If you are considering plastic surgery, the opinions of others can be important tools in deciding what to do. You should consult with a doctor and you may consult with family and friends, but the final decision is yours to make and when you make your decisions you must finally decide for yourself.

5 Steps Taken To Minimize The Risks Involved During Plastic Surgery

5 Steps Taken To Minimize The Risks Involved During Plastic Surgery

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Over the recent past, the number of people undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery has increased. Many people are looking for ways to enhance their physical appearance. If you involve an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon, then the complications during the procedure are quite rare and they are generally considered as safe procedure to undergo.

5 Steps Taken To Minimize The Risks Involved During Plastic Surgery

As safe as the procedures may seem, there are still risks that exist. Wendy Williams is one of the most influential personalities and when she underwent plastic surgery there were lots of critics and praises. However, regardless of what people may think, Wendy Williams’ plastic surgery was so perfectly done and she changed for the better. Wendy Williams was able to have this new perfect look because she overcame all the risks that were involved. The following are ways that the risks were minimized.

5 Steps Taken To Minimize The Risks Involved During Plastic Surgery

1. The cosmetic surgery should be approached like any other serious medical procedure; for many people looking to go for cosmetic surgery, they perceive it to be the same as going for a beauty salon. Awful cosmetic surgery will result to the same trauma just like the one that is experienced when you undergo any other medical surgery. Complications are possible and once you take the cosmetic surgery to be a serious procedure, you will get the best out of it.

2. Understand the procedure you are about to undertake fully; the magnitude of the risks and complications involved during a plastic surgery is dependent on the type of the procedure performed. There has been awful celeb plastic surgery witnessed because there has been little or no understanding of the kind of procedure you are undergoing. It is therefore important to understand the risks and benefits involved before settling for a procedure to undertake.

3. Choose your plastic surgeon well; it is advisable to choose a surgeon that is reliable, qualified, experienced surgeon and board certified surgeon. He should also have the necessary skills to carry out a successful surgery.

4. You should not be guided by the price; in this unfriendly economy, there would be a temptation to go for a low price surgery. In cosmetic industry, the prices vary and if you want to look perfect, you should not sacrifice quality and safety for a low price. Ensure that the surgeon do not use sub-standard or product variation.

5. Ensure that you are physically fit for a plastic surgery; your plastic surgeon should fully screen you to ensure that you are fit for the surgery to take place. This will go a long way in minimizing the risks involved. You should also ensure that you stop habits that would make you unfit for the procedure such as smoking. Also go for blood tests.

By bearing the above in mind, you, just like Wendy Williams, you will have a new perfect you.