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The Advantages Of Infographic Content

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When building back links on your climb to the top of the search results list, it still holds true that content is king. Providing original, high quality content is the most natural and sure way of attracting an audience who will share your site and create their own links back to it.

One excellent way to present gripping content is through the creation of an infographic. Infographics are catchy visual representations of data or other information. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is probably a major factor behind the extensive popularity with information design has garnered in the past few years. For growing businesses utilizing the services of Megapath, an infographic campaign can go right along with everything else you need to take your start up to the next level.

 The Advantages Of Infographic Content

How and Why they Work

Infographics are simple, so they can catch and keep a reader’s attention for a few moments. Then, if the viewer wants to dig deeper, there is usually a text article accompanying the infographic.

Infographics work so well because they are pictures that can easily be shared on social media sites like Facebook. With cool designs, they are also more exciting ways of disseminating information and making data look hip.

Although they have recently begun a take over of the Internet, infographics are nothing new. Graphs and charts have been combined with illustrations since the early 1600s. But the simplicity which with which an infographic can present complex knowledge proves at the core of information architecture’s success. It allows an audience to visualize facts that would before seem vague, abstract and perhaps even irrelevant.

How to make Infographics Work for You

If your site could use the benefits of infographic content, then here are some tips for creating and dispensing your own.

There are a variety of tools to help you build your own infographics, such as:

  • Infogr.am
  • InfoActive
  • Piktochart
  • Easel.ly
  • Many Eyes V2

These sites can walk you through the process of converting complicated data into an eye-catching pictorial representation. And if you feel super serious about creating the best infographic ever, then there are also a plethora of professional designers who would love to work for you.

But before you start searching for a tool or actual designer that works for you and your site, it is most important to sit down and collect the information you want to present. Just like any other post, quality content is built on reliable information sources which take time to unearth and organize. Research takes extra time and effort, but this will pay off in the end with a quality infographic that presents need-to-know facts people will want to share with their friends.

Once you have decided on what information to portray, it is time to set to work and keep a few design principles in mind. First, there is an important balance in the amount of data that you include. Too much clutter will drive away your audience. But you do not want to make things extremely sparse either. Also, make sure that the information is clearly identified, so that things are easy to understand. Vertical is often preferable. And, work with color. Bright is usually a good thing. Red and orange pictures were recorded getting twice the amount of repins on Pinterest. Although, you should be cautious not to intentionally blind your readers.

With these tips for creating visual content, your site is on its way to reaping all the advantages of posting an infographic.

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We Will Rock You -the Smashing Hit Musical In Its 11th Sensational Year

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We Will Rock You -The Smashing Hit Musical In Its 11th Sensational Year

The smash hit musical featuring Queen’s biggest musical is celebrating it’s 11th year as audiences can’t get enough of the incredible music and talent that graces the stage of the longest running musical at the Dominion Theatre. The musical features a group of bohemians who are frustrated with the new world in the future where everyone dresses and acts the same. Music is forbidden and these bohemians fight to restore the balance of art and creative freedom.


This year, the musical ventured on an arena tour to mark it’s official 10th Anniversary even though it is now in it’s 11th year. With 95 tour dates in Europe and 250 in North America, making 345 in total, people across the world have had the chance to relive the magic of We Will Rock Youcloser to home. Following rave reviews during the UK tour, with reviewers describing it as “a fun ride that leads to the most exhilarating finale”, audiences were captivated by the transformation of taking the musical to bigger venues. The North American leg of the tour is set to kick off on 15th October 2013 and is sure to be as big a hit as it was in the UK.


The We Will Rock Youstory began in London way back in 2002. Since then, the musical has enjoyed success all over the world from Sydney to Tokyo, Bangkok to Milan. It is estimated that around 5.5 million people have seen the musical at the Dominion Theatre alone and around 15 million in total around the world. This is incredible considering when the show originally opened it was panned by critics who called it “ruthlessly packaged and manufactured”, however audience popularity has proved those critics wrong as the show has now entered it’s 11th year on the stage. The show has also won multiple awards which just goes to show how well loved it really is.


We Will Rock You was written by Ben Elton who has also worked on the British classic Blackadder as well as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. Famous for his political satire comedic style, Ben Elton was the perfect man to write the musical about rebellion and fighting for what’s right. Using Queen’s music he based the story around the lyrics, hence the lead character’s name is Galileo Figaro from “Bohemian Rhapsody”.


The success that this musical has achieved has far reached anyone’s expectations, with timeless music, amazing choreography and colourful stage outfits, it definitely has what it takes to take show business by storm. With the odd surprise from Brian May on guitar and Roger Taylor on the drums, you may even get more than you bargain for. We have a feeling that this outstanding show will be around for many more years to come.


Kaira Rose is a music journalist who specialises in 1970s music. An avid Queen fan, she often writes articles about the band, their music and the musical featuring their hits We Will Rock You.

Black Hat SEO Tactics – Should you Use Them?

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For some time this month, all of the social media news been around the supposed death of SEO. It’s all about mobile and responsive design now, and it’s all about writing for readers and forgetting optimization worries. However, the “death” of SEO seems to have overpowered the small fact that companies are starting to come around to the idea of SEO (even in the midst of its suspected near-death). According to Bright Local, 40 percent of SEOs handle 11 clients or more, with 23 percent handling 21 or more customers, all higher numbers than last year (check out the graph on the webpage). This leads one to wonder: Is SEO really dying, or is it growing under the radar? It is for sure not dead and growing more with each day.

All this discussion about SEO left aside, we have gotta realize that there is a white part and black part of the job. The white part is the run of the mill good SEO tactics like keyword richness, original content, getting good leads, attraction attention of the community by giving back some content to it, and things like that.

Black hat SEO though, is a set of not so accepted techniques by the search engines, such as keyword stuffing, creating pages that won’t be useful or seen by the user but will be indexed by the search engines, faking visitors, generating content automatically with keywords, and everything that is shady.

The response to the question “Black Hat SEO Tactics – Should you Use Them?” obviously is a “yes” if you want temporary popularity (for example: your business is a fastly dying one and you want to do a big money grab ). But it is clearly a big “no” if you want to build yourself a reputable online business that your users will be trusting for a long time.

Let’s do a pro and con to simply what i am trying to say.

Black Hat SEO Benefits

  • Cheap, quick, and fast Search Engine Optimization
  • Very good for getting lots of visitors for a short time
  • Might give you a sense of rebelliousness and anarchy
  • There are more people capable of doing Black Hat SEO than White Hat SEO in the performance that you want
  • Might give you a sense of enjoyment for being able to trick those stupid search engines
  • Again, it is very heap, and you may even get the weird kid that stays at home on the Internet all the month to do it for you

Black Hat SEO Disavantages:

  • You can kiss your good ranking and reputation for your Website dreams goodbye as the search engines will make sure to not it appear again on their result lists as they delete it, or mark it as a website that should not be visited, scaring away your users
  • And if the domain is registered in your name, search engines will be sure to warn hosting companies to not waste their time and their money on you as you are just another trickster for them 

Overall, you realized that Black Hat SEO is bad and should not be done.

Thanks for reading and keep it up!

How to increase demand for your product in 2013?

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It is easy to lose yourself thinking about the plans, the structures, the sales, the marketing ideas, the stocks etc. But what we are forgetting here is to raising demand. Raising demand for a product solves the following problems:

  • Lack of Production and Sales
  • The need to find a good marketing tactic
  •  Prevents spending too much money on marketing
  • Solves the problem of stock space
  • Popularity brings more popularity: Buyers are willing to buy something that is already being bought by other people with the mentality that it will bring more value if it is wanted by others (or simply they dont want to be topped by others)

So, in order to solve all of these, i will enlist a few things you might want to do increase demand for your product.

1 – Improve looks of the package

All i know that, it is a subconscious thing to choose something that is more shinier ( it comes from the evolutionary knowledge that something that is colorful and shiny makes a bigger impact ). We often buy products that have a better looking package without even realizing we do it for the package. People might buy something that looks better outside for reasons like:

  • It will attract their friends attention
  • The colors look tasty
  • They may like buying newest of the products always

So in conclusion, you will better the chances of  your product being bought by the customers by bettering the packages looks.

2 – Improve something and brag about it

When we first launch a product, or have a product with reliable fans, we forgot that we can always improve things. Improve the package looks, improve the taste, improve the electricity flow, improve the functionality, improve everything.

Reason for so many improvements is that you can name your product “Version 2” or make a list of the improvements and get users to give your product another chance.

3 – Get an online store for it

Getting an online store for your product will not only help you reach much more users world-wide, but will also get your brand the name of “modern”, a brand that has a good looking and functional website. Get an official domain such as .com with your brands’ name, have some online marketing expert (or better yet, a Search Engine Optimization Engine expert) do the spread the word part for you, add all of your products, get a good e-commerce software (as explained in my top e-commerce software article) and get your word heard.

4 – Do Market Research and Surveys

Lets say, you are selling mashed potatoes. You have hundreds of possible clients desiring a hot plate of mashed potatoes right now. How will you create the best mashed potato brand out of there?

Simple. Ask your users questions like:

  • What would you like included in your mashed potatoes?
  • Which potatoes you think you can make the best mashed potatoes out of?
  • What do you think that is lacking in the most mashed potatoes?
  • What is your favorite recipe of mashed potatoes

Get users opinions and offer what they want back to them. They will love it.

Thanks for the read and see you soon!