Black Hat SEO Tactics – Should you Use Them?

For some time this month, all of the social media news been around the supposed death of SEO. It’s all about mobile and responsive design now, and it’s all about writing for readers and forgetting optimization worries. However, the “death” of SEO seems to have overpowered the small fact that companies are starting to come around to the idea of SEO (even in the midst of its suspected near-death). According to Bright Local, 40 percent of SEOs handle 11 clients or more, with 23 percent handling 21 or more customers, all higher numbers than last year (check out the graph on the webpage). This leads one to wonder: Is SEO really dying, or is it growing under the radar? It is for sure not dead and growing more with each day.

All this discussion about SEO left aside, we have gotta realize that there is a white part and black part of the job. The white part is the run of the mill good SEO tactics like keyword richness, original content, getting good leads, attraction attention of the community by giving back some content to it, and things like that.

Black hat SEO though, is a set of not so accepted techniques by the search engines, such as keyword stuffing, creating pages that won’t be useful or seen by the user but will be indexed by the search engines, faking visitors, generating content automatically with keywords, and everything that is shady.

The response to the question “Black Hat SEO Tactics – Should you Use Them?” obviously is a “yes” if you want temporary popularity (for example: your business is a fastly dying one and you want to do a big money grab ). But it is clearly a big “no” if you want to build yourself a reputable online business that your users will be trusting for a long time.

Let’s do a pro and con to simply what i am trying to say.

Black Hat SEO Benefits

  • Cheap, quick, and fast Search Engine Optimization
  • Very good for getting lots of visitors for a short time
  • Might give you a sense of rebelliousness and anarchy
  • There are more people capable of doing Black Hat SEO than White Hat SEO in the performance that you want
  • Might give you a sense of enjoyment for being able to trick those stupid search engines
  • Again, it is very heap, and you may even get the weird kid that stays at home on the Internet all the month to do it for you

Black Hat SEO Disavantages:

  • You can kiss your good ranking and reputation for your Website dreams goodbye as the search engines will make sure to not it appear again on their result lists as they delete it, or mark it as a website that should not be visited, scaring away your users
  • And if the domain is registered in your name, search engines will be sure to warn hosting companies to not waste their time and their money on you as you are just another trickster for them 

Overall, you realized that Black Hat SEO is bad and should not be done.

Thanks for reading and keep it up!

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