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How Social Networks Shares Social Video to Facebook

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The reason behind the arrival of new comers among the social video sharing sites and the competitions running between them is to create an impact on social network users and to provide the best service to attract them towards their corresponding websites. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube offer their video sharing service in the most effective way. Among the social media users it has become a trend wave to use the video sharing as it is been used as an important tool to drive their followers towards them. Accordingly here is a discussion to know more about how the social networks shares social video to facebook.

It is interesting to know that people love to share even a little happiest thing happened in their life through video sharing and this service is rendered by the social media through effective tools. The purpose of this article is to educate how these social media indulge in carrying out such video sharing process and attracts the users towards their service.

Various Social Medias that shares social video to facebook

Researchers say people spend more and more time on Social Medias since the inception of such social sites and it resulted in social media providers’ competition in providing the best service in order to make their users to stick on to their site for longer years. Even though there may exist several social media providers who provides video sharing option, the one who understands the exact needs of its users in such sharing and fulfills it in the right way will succeed being the top provider.

Tips to share your videos on FaceBook

Facebook being the top social network site shares its users’ videos with the help of video sharing tools through third party providers and as such there are various social video sharing providers competing with each other. It is your rights and awareness capability to identify the best social media in order to get your videos uploaded in a more perfect way. Here are some useful tips on sharing your videos on facebook

  • Make sure your identity is being given high priority while sharing your videos as it will keep yourself safe against miss use of the videos.
  • Sharing should not be treated in the sense the videos are being published for anyone’s use and as such take special care of your videos of not being used by any social network hackers.
  • See to that your videos are being published and broadcasted under the right user name either it is going to be commercial or personal videos.

Beyond these tips it is every user’s responsibility to share your videos it in the safest way with proper analyzing about the various social media.  It should be easy to use method in video uploads as confusing and critical methods of video upload will result in losing its valuable users.

Social networks follow up and read the mind of its users to provide them with the perfect software or tool in providing the video sharing service and accordingly there are few good providers who shares social video to facebook. To know more about the working and features of one such provider visit

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How to Keep Your Website Secured

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It goes without saying that website security testing is an important undertaking that can only be assumed at the owner’s peril. Your site’s security is just as important as its functionality and general appearance. This is especially true if your website stores your personal data, credit card details and your customers’ mailing lists. Being a victim of website vandalism can deface your website and instill long term security breach which can be frustrating and damaging. Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your website is secured.

Keep your scripts updated

Even though open source applications are great for building blogs, it is equally important to keep them updated frequently. This is because using older versions of such applications increase the vulnerability of your site to hackers. To stay out of the woods, use the latest applications of any versions that you use on your website.

Delete installations that you do not use

If you installed an application in the hope that your online store would use it at some point but haven’t made good use of it, then it is healthy that you delete it. Why? This is because you probably do not visit your unused blog very often, meaning that you are less likely to know whether it has been hacked or not.

Use firewalls to shield your network

This is arguably the best step you can take to caution yourself from website hackers. Firewall prevents packets of bad information from raiding your servers, thereby keeping your website safe. If you do not know how to configure firewall, a hosting company may step in to provide that additional security measure against hackers.

Use strong passwords

As a general rule, webmasters are highly discouraged from using generic passwords like dictionary names, personal data or names as their passwords. This only increases the vulnerability of your website to hackers since such passwords are easy to guess. On the same breath, do not use adjacent words like qwerty or consecutive digits.

Limit your server access

As a webmaster, you should be very selective on who should have access to your servers. Even then, it is still a wise idea to limit the level of information that they can access. Most importantly, use unique passwords to all users and delete any inactive user within the shortest time possible.

Keep a backup of your website

Another bold step to keeping your website out of bounds for hackers is to back it up. If a hacker manages to destroy your website, you will still have a backup in a different and secure computer to keep your online business running as you plot on your next action plan.

Protect your computer from malware

Website hackers have upped their game, which calls for stringent security measures from webmasters. In an attempt to gain access to your website, a determined hacker may use special virus and sneak it to your computer to record your password. In order to stay safe and get a piece of mind, it is highly advisable to run a spyware program to ensure that your computer and website in general is not affected. This should be done at least once a week.

Website security testing is essential for websites with high traffic, whether they are personal or business. Small and large companies pay hefty sums for security services, but even without a budget you can keep your website security up to date.

New CCTV Technology to Help Prevent Terror Attacks

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Modern CCTV systems have a lot of different uses and perhaps one of the most surprising ones is that of helping to defeat terrorists hoping to cause some damage in public areas. We aren’t talking about an old fashioned, human controlled security system here but rather a cutting edge type of technology.

Smart Analysis

There is now CCTV technology available which is intelligent enough to analyse a sequence of events and look for anything untoward in it. Even if the stills footage shows nothing worthy of attention the system will still analyse the action over a period of time and work out whether there is anyone doing anything worthy of a bit more attention.

Left Luggage Detection

Anyone who has been in an airport at times of high levels of security will know the fear caused by left luggage. Of course the worry is that a terrorist could have placed some sort of explosive device in the suitcase or bag before wandering off. CCTV cameras can now be programmed to detect these items and raise a warning.

Recognise Faces

If anyone is somewhere they shouldn’t be then the cameras can spot them. This type of system is still being developed and at the moment it isn’t entirely fool proof but over time we can certainly expect it to be of a lot of use.

Fast Image Retrieval

The days of rummaging through a box of cassettes and then fast forwarding through hours of images is long gone. Now the widespread use of digital recording technology means that the right image or the right time can be found really quickly and easily. In the event of a terrorist alert the ability to scan and find what you are after speedily could be the difference between a successful outcome and a tragedy.

Mood Detection

The final advance in this industry is one of the most difficult to get to grips with. To start off we need to imagine a busy place such as a train station or shopping centre. Lots of people go in front of the camera and they all display different attitudes and emotions. Some rush past in a great hurry while others dawdle and yet others appear to wander aimlessly. It would be an impossible task for a human operator to analyse of all these people and work out what kind of mood they are in. However, a super intelligent CCTV system can do this and quickly work out who is nervous or betraying other tell tale signs of being up to no good. This is done by analysing the person’s facial muscles to work out how they are feeling. Apparently there are 7 basic types of facial expression which are used as the starting point.

Cloud Hosting: Serves Businesses Professionally

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Cloud hosting is the latest technology that has gained lots of popularity in such a short time as a new and budding technology in the web hosting industry. The advantages of this latest web hosting plan can be availed through various packages of hosting websites that the users usually access while using cloud servers. The cloud hosting spreads over the resources among various servers that are needed to host a website and thus the dependency on single server ends. Cloud server enables the cloud hosting to host websites effectively as the interconnected servers in cloud server empower the user to manage his websites on them. This clustering of various servers at one cloud server speed up the processing of web hosting and the websites can be accessed at a high speed even at the tome heavy traffic on networks.

Cloud Hosting: Serves Businesses Professionally    Businesses get benefited in many ways through the use of cloud hosting services. Cloud hosting, being based on various server of the cloud server, is enabled to manage the risk of getting affected by the server crashes during downtime of a website. Cloud hosting plan also enables the user to download their websites without any problem at the peak load hours. The users are also benefited with its cost effective feature as it has reduced the time taken in hosting a website to a great extent hence the cost of using cloud server and the use of electric power, both have got reduced greatly as compared to the use of single server for hosting the websites. This web hosting plan is primarily based on the intention of managing the web traffic variably which may increase the stability and redundancy as compared to other web hosting servers.

Cloud servers are made to encourage the movement of data among the servers with no trouble to keep the website activated when hosted. Users are also empowered with the facility to add or remove a server of their choice to the cloud server to improve the chances to download their website. Moreover the users are charged by the service providers, for the quantity of computing power used by them.

Thus, cloud hosting has proved to be the most effective platform for hosting websites for the business houses as it speeds up the process even at the heavy traffic moments on the networks as well as reduces the cost of web hosting websites that helps in saving lots of money.

Advantages Of Using PHP In Web Development

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PHP is one of the most popular web development tools in use today, It is an open source and web scripting language that forms part of the LAMP web programming stack – LAMP is an acronym that represent Linux, Apache, MySQL and of course PHP. The current edition of PHP is the PHP 5. This development comes with some clear advantages over for users. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

    1. Code samples – one important feature of PHP is the availability of code samples, which is just as well for users not versed with coding. You will have free and readily available code samples that will make your work quite easy.
    2. Function diversity – One good point about this web development program is that it is easy for developers to embed various code libraries into their project(s). The merit of all this is that you will be able to do a massive range of activities like generating bar codes, creating PDFs documents drawing graphs and retrieving content from other sites with relative ease. It also makes it relatively easy to perform swaps between database engines by a simple act of modifying one parameter.
    3. Its popular – PHP web development program is quite popular with the masses. The upside of this popularity is that it transforms into a big catalogues of web applications from phpBB to WordPress – which is the largest blogging engine in the world.
    4. Open source – the fact that PHP is an open source program plays into its hands as it is able to integrate your projects into your website or intranet. A closed source program would make it difficult to achieve this. It also fits in seamlessly with other web programming tools.
    5. Availability – another positive vibe about this web development tool -just like the others- is that it is free to use, on top of that it can be said to be easy to use with basic training and skills. Even though not everything in PHP is easy to do, you can master it by engaging some expert training.
    6. Complex tasks – Another point in favor of PHP application program is its ability to handle mind boggling chores with relative ease. Most programs –or even some of PHP’s previous editions – suffer in hard labor, but not PHP. This point is further reinforced by its ability to shift gears between different tasks without affecting quality.

A rapidly growing web development company, Zend with its innumerable services including PHP training, certification, consulting services, has become a popular choice of a large number of clients. Users can benefit from its products and save money at the same time by suing Zend coupons.

5 Top DIY SEO Tips for Beginners

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When building a Web page, there are many things to take into consideration. Your product or service needs to be easily visible and understandable, for example. However, if readers can’t find your page, then all your hard work is for naught. Because of this, SEO is a critical part of the process. Luckily, there are several SEO strategies you can implement on your own, even if you’re a beginner.
5 Top DIY SEO Tips for Beginners
1. Understand Links

Links are an important part of the SEO process. Any time that your website is connected to another page, you get a higher ranking with search engines. This doesn’t, however, mean that you should randomly dump links across the Web. Search engines are more sophisticated than ever, so the quality of your links and the partners you use are crucial to success. The sites you link to need to be relevant to your own content and be of high quality. One of the best ways to generate good links is to network with like-minded websites and companies. Blogs and blogging networks also provide excellent linking opportunities.

2. Keywords

Keywords are often considered the foundation of a good SEO marketing strategy. Even experts make heavy use of keywords to increase visibility and build a website’s ranking. Keywords aren’t hard to understand, but you do need to be savvy to properly implement them. Search engines such as Google provide free tools to help you determine the best keywords for your industry. In most cases, these will be short phrases. Each keyword should be worked naturally into your Web content, at a ratio of about 1-2 percent; under no circumstances should a piece of content be comprised of more than 15 percent keywords.

3. Design

It can be very fulfilling to spend the time to design a visually appealing website. While your readers may appreciate bells and whistles, advanced graphics can actually interfere with a search engine’s ability to crawl your site and rank it appropriately. Keep your website design simple and text-based.

4. Tag It

Websites are almost always more than what meets the eye. They include images and HTML code. Never miss an opportunity to work your keywords into your content. All images should be tagged with appropriate, high-ranking keywords, for example. You can also make use of tagging in your page names, titles and other hidden content.

5. Relevant Content

SEO strategies used to be fairly simple. Search engines, however, are becoming more sophisticated and can easily pick out sites that feature poor content that is obviously geared to primitive SEO strategies. These sites are being rated poorly and losing ground in the ranking system. It is crucial when doing DIY SEO that you have content that is created by a real writer and is readable by real clients. It also should be completely original for best results.