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DAVSY- A Content Marketing Platform by Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd

DAVSY- A Content Marketing Platform by Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd

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As you can see, no one gets by the name DAVSY that what is this, but this concept of Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd is as different as its name. DAVSY is the great achievement of the team of Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd. It is one of the best platforms to get traffic on your website/blog.

The basic concept to DAVSY is to increase traffic on your website/blog, which will eventually lead to an increase in one’s income. DAVSY pulls in the most recent posts from websites, a variety of social networks, blogs, and many more on a diversity of topics. What’s straight about DAVSY is that you can hunt for particular topics and then view an aggregated content from some of the premium blogs for that particular topic. Here, bloggers are required to submit their own blog to be considered for inclusion in the news desk. There are lots of websites which are registered on DAVSY and more are getting registered daily and the number is increasing day by day. So Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd has made a single platform for all the websites so that all the traffic is redirected to different registered websites/blogs. This concept can be explained with the help of an example- Let us assume a situation that, your website is registered on CIPL’s DAVSY and some person, let’s say X is surfing on the internet and comes to a random website which is also registered in DAVSY, then he will be getting the link of your website in the suggestions and might click on your website’s link and will get redirected to your website. Many people question the CIPL review, but when it comes to DAVSY, people outside the organization give many positive CIPL review about this product. So, those narrating the slogans about CIPL review, like CIPL Fraud to the outside world, they should know that CIPL has taught many of us how to multiply our efforts, talents, and skills by helping other people to be successful.

It is providing financial independence and a bunch of knowledge to youth which is just noteworthy. I hope you got what is CIPL’s DAVSY all about with the help of this example.

Different features provided by DAVSY are as follows:

Stronger Social Media Following

DAVSY plays a very important role in increasing your social media following whether it be Facebook, twitter or any other. It helps to promote your website in such a way that it makes a stronger social media following. DAVSY is the master of content delivery and knows very well that how to maximize the reach of content to client’s potential audience.

Increased Audience Engagement

As the concept of DAVSY says that it is used to increase the traffic on your website/blog, because of this technique of DAVSY, as soon as you register your website/blog on DAVSY that audience engagement starts increasing to a good extent. DAVSY is a platform that offers writers an opportunity to get more readers and exposure and also experience the view of engaging users in the network. And for readers, it helps them finding new and interesting content.

Increased Website Traffic

DAVSY is a content aggregator that provides various website/blog owners with a wonderful platform with the help of which they can increase their online existence and produce more traffic on their blog. The main concept of DAVSY is to increase the traffic on your

Points to Consider While Opting For An Aortic Valve Replacement

Points to Consider While Opting For An Aortic Valve Replacement

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The Aortic valve replacement cost in India works out to be the lowest in the world. But before we go ahead one needs to understand what the process is all about. Here in this process, the damaged valve of the heart is being replaced with an animal or mechanical valve. With the new valve, the symptoms of pain and breathing problems are going to be a thing of the past.

The mechanical valves are embedded in such a manner as it tends to over last the patient. It is stress tested and it could serve the patient for hundreds of years. Though in most times they tend to be long lasting and only a single surgery was needed.  But with such a valve replacement blood clotting could arise as well. For this reason, you would need to take blood-thinning medicines throughout the course of your life and that could lead to an increase in bleeding.

Animal tissues are incorporated into the animals. They are treated so as to prevent any form of rejection. But there are various alternatives to it and in some cases, you can incorporate a homograft. They are donated and then harvested once a patient is no longer alive. This is followed by another process referred to as the Ross procedure. During the course of the procedure, the aortic valve is being removed and then replaced by the own pulmonary valve of the patient. You take it from the cadaver and then it goes on to replace the pulmonary valve of the patient. This process started in 1967 and you are going to find it more in use of children.

This is followed by a homograft where the valve is taken from the donor itself. This works all the more wonders for pregnant women as there would be no form of therapy needed. The only drawback is that the valve process depends upon the donors. So it works out to be limited in nature.

Let us now understand how the preparation phase of the surgery is going to take place

  • The physician is going to undertake a detailed medical examination in order to cross-check the fact that you are able to withstand the surgery
  • Most often than not you are going to be asked to fast for 9  hours before the surgery is about to take place
  • In case if you happen to be pregnant or the chances are there then you need to inform your surgeon
  • If you are into a pacemaker you need to inform your surgeon as well
  • Do discuss with your surgeon any herbal supplements or over the counter medicines if you are into them
  • Do inform the surgeon if you are into any form of blood thinning medicines or blood thinning medicines. The reason being that it could lead to blood clots before the surgery. The chances are that you may need to stop some of them before the surgery is about to take place.
How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

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The competition for getting a job is so great especially with today’s downward economy. As an applicant you must stand out from the rest. Everything about you must be excellent. From how you fill out your application, to the way you answer the interview questions and how you present yourself during the interview. In addition to these the employer will also review your cover letter. A well-written and informative cover letter will get you that interview. Everything about you can be great but when they are comparing your application along with someone else’s yours must stand out so that you can be selected for the interview. The following are tips on how to write a cover letter for a job. Following the tips is a sample cover letter that you can reflect on when writing your own.

  • To make it look professional always type your cover letter.
  • Make your font between 12-14 so that reading can be made easy (more info on fonts for cover letters).
  • Have your information listed at the top of the letter for quick contacting.
  • Keep your letter short, simple and to the point.
  • You may not know the name of the employer so write  “To Whom It May Concern”, just keep in mind that you address it properly.
  • The first sentence should state what position your applying for and the name of the company or business.
  • The next sentence should be about your educational background and what you currently do that pertains to the job.
  • Start a new paragraph by briefly sharing with the employer what makes you unique. Talk about the experiences you have had and qualities you posses that the business or company can benefit from.
  • In a new paragraph let the employer know that if they want more information how they can contact you.
  • To help your cover letter to further stand out write a P.S. below your name mentioning a resume along with letters of recommendation are attached.

Full Name
Address and phone number

To Whom It May Concern:

I am interested in working as a Service Coordinator for Alta Regional Center. I graduated from Sacramento State University with Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. I have completed 24 ECE units, and have my Supervisory Permit in Early Childhood Development.

For five years, I have been working for the San Juan Unified School District an s an Intervention Assistant in the K-6 grade level. My main role has been facilitating student support groups on areas such as anger management, social skills, and self-esteem. I am currently a Preschool Teacher at Mary Oaks Elementary.

In addition to my interaction with the children I believe I increase my effectiveness by forming positive working relationships with their parents. I provide valuable resources and help them set achievable goals. I believe my education and experiences make me particularly qualified to work for Alta Regional Center.

If you need additional information, please call me at (phone number). I look forward in hearing from you.


John Sexton
P.S. I have enclosed a resume and two letters of recommendation.

Restoring the Look and Health of Your Legs

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As you get older, you may notice that you develop varicose and spider veins in your legs. These veins are the result of years of habits like wearing restrictive clothing, standing for long periods of time, or gaining weight.

Restoring the Look and Health of Your LegsThey also can negatively impact the look and health of your legs and make you feel uncomfortable wearing shorts, shirts, and other clothing that show off your calves and thighs. With sclerotherapy, light therapy, and radiofrequency ablation varicose veins mobile al patients like you could ease the appearance of these veins and restore your legs’ normal look.

The Perks of Radiofrequency Therapy

You might wonder why you should undergo laser or radiofrequency therapy for varicose veins instead of invasive surgery. To start, this procedure is minimally invasive and relatively painless. You do not have to undergo general anesthesia or spend several days in the hospital recovering from a lengthy operation.

Further, this procedure is fast and can be done on an outpatient basis. Most doctors administer the treatments in their own offices or in a medical spa or single day surgery center. You can be in and out of the doctor’s office within a couple of hours, allowing you to go home and recuperate.

Finally, this type of operation is relatively easy to recover from and does not require you to take a lot of time off from work or school. You can typically resume your normal activities within two to three days. You may need to wear surgical stockings for up to 10 days, however, to prevent the formation of blood clots.

Finding Out More

If you are interested in this type of operation, you may want to learn more about it and whether or not you are a good candidate for it. You can go online to the website to find out about the procedure’s candidacy and how it is performed. You can then contact the clinic to set up an initial consultation with the doctor or medical staff. You can then schedule a time to come in for your own varicose vein treatments.

Testing Technology in the Used Car Market

Testing Technology in the Used Car Market

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According to stats collected by Autotrader, car buyers spend 59% of their time researching before they make a final decision. Most of these serious buyers spend 1-3 months at least before making a purchase, and if you’re one of them, then it’s good for you. When buying a car, be it new or used, you need to be careful about the make and model because not every vehicle is going to fit your needs. Research and testing become all the more crucial when you’re considering to purchase a used car because you need to make sure that everything is according to your requirements.

You need to remember that while you will need to compromise on a few of the physical attributes of the used car, you shouldn’t have to settle for any performance issues. You may be able to detect a lot of problems when you take the car for a test drive. It is also integral that you run some vigorous testing procedures. Running these inspections will make sure that the technology in the vehicle works perfectly and won’t let you down once you’ve signed on the dotted line and made the bargain.

However, before we plunge into the techniques through which you can check the technology in a used car, let’s see why it is so vital to do so and what will happen if you ignore this precautionary measure.

Why testing used car technology is imperative

Helps you in negotiating

Every individual car dealer or seller won’t be upfront with the problems the vehicle has and will try to trick you in several different ways. While transparency on their part is integral, you shouldn’t be naïve enough to think there aren’t any issues only because the dealer says so. Deciding to check the various technologies will help you pinpoint any major or minor glitches and negotiate the terms and conditions accordingly.

Won’t leave you stranded

Imagine this, you’re on your way to your parent’s house which is another state, and suddenly, it starts to rain and the cold creeps in. In such a scenario, think about the dire consequences you may have to face if the car’s lights aren’t working correctly or if the heating doesn’t function as it should! Testing your used vehicle’s technologies will make you rest assured that everything is alright and that it won’t bail on you last minute.

Buy what you’re paying for

Often, you buy a car because it has a sunroof or offers a seat heating option. The prices on such a vehicle vary because of the technologies provided. Now one mistake that you can end up making is to take the dealer’s word for it and think that the technology you require works. As a result, you don’t check the tools and purchase something which wasn’t worth the money.

What type of tests should you run

Now that we’ve established just how essential it is to run technology tests on used cars let’s look at some of the tools you can benefit from.

Inspect the lights

One of the most fundamental things you may miss if you’re taking the car for a test drive in the morning or afternoon is the vehicle lights. Remember that though the problem may be as simple as a bulb being out, there is a chance that other wiring issues are responsible for the problems. If you can’t inspect after sunset, make it a point to change the lights at different stages and get out to check how they are performing. Bear in mind that because lights are a significant part of your vehicle, you shouldn’t ignore their operations.

Testing Technology in the Used Car Market


Check the gadgets

When you’re sitting inside the car, make it a point to check every device and switch available to you. Turn on the radio and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection if the car has it and ensure that it syncs with your smartphone without hassle. Also check the heating and cooling system, electric windows, and any other devices found inside the vehicle. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be rushed during these inspections because you don’t want to buy something which wasn’t worth it.

Don’t forget the history

Though you’ll need to check a lot of other vital features when you’re buying from we buy any car retailer, one thing you shouldn’t miss is the history test. Carry out a vehicle history check because it won’t just provide you protection from used car scams but will also reveal any recurring issues which the vehicle has had but which aren’t apparent at first look. This is especially important when you’re buying a smart car or one with lots of advanced features because while damages to the body or chassis are visible at close inspection, the performance of gadgets isn’t guaranteed.

Take it out for a spin

Finally, the best thing you can do when you’re buying a used car is to take it for a test drive. Make an appointment with the dealer and ask him/her if you can drive it on your chosen path. Don’t be afraid to explore the vehicle from front to back because this is the primary purpose of a test drive. Again, bear in mind that though the car won’t drive like a Ferrari, you should be getting what you were promised.

Purchasing a used car is an investment that you’ll benefit from for years to come. This is why it is essential that you know what you’re paying good money for. Make sure you do your research, pinpoint the vehicles that will suit you, run technology checks, compare different models, prices and dealers and then make an informed decision. Taking all these critical steps will ensure that the used car you’re purchasing is up to par and won’t let you down only because it was previously owned.

Testing Technology in the Used Car Market


Challenges of Leadership in the Global Scenario

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The word Leader comes from ‘ Lord’, which meant, in Old Norse, the course or path of a ship at sea. The leader was the captain, who in Viking days was usually the steersman and navigator as well. Now, whether one is the leader of a nation, of a business, or of an educational institution, one has to keep in mind the fact that the world is shrinking and/or, rather, our world is expanding beyond perceived horizons. In the multi-cultural and cross-cultural environment we work in, dynamic leadership qualities are in order and our perception of leadership qualities are subject to change. Not only are the autocratic, democratic and free-rein leadership styles fast becoming irrelevant they are becoming anachronisms.

Leadership is now, more than ever before, facing several challenges. Never has the world been more interdependent; never before has the behaviour of one individual or group had such crucial consequences for others. Now is the time when all resources available to us must be mobilized to cope with the drastic, all encompassing changes taking place with lightning speed all around us Technological developments have created snow-balling problems in the lives of every human being. Tensions of energy crises are felt everywhere. Adolescents are in turmoil throughout the world. A pervasive sense of fear, confused values and beliefs, alienation felt by many individuals and groups, and the powerlessness of the individual against a power structure too big to comprehend, loom large. The society is in a state of flux and the lack of firmly rooted values is creating a feeling of setting up ones settlements over shifting sands. A society with empowering leadership, not intimidating leadership, alone can counter these problems, and produce and sustain a generation that can stand the onslaught of all perils that besiege the society. A new approach to understanding empowerment is called for to deal with the situation.

What is empowerment? Though the term may mean many things to different people, broadly defined, empowerment is that capacity to feel from within that you are in control of your life and decisions, and given the fact that there are constraints, within which you have certain freedom to think, feel, speak and behave in ways that put you at ease. An empowered person acts purely at his or her own discretion and will, and does not act under traditional dictates, or restrictions imposed by internalized concepts or by others, that cripple ones very right to live as a free human being.

Now, leaders are not working with employees sitting in one office, selected personally by him or her, nor do the employees perform specific assigned roles. With offices spread all across the globe, employees selected by local recruiting agents, or bodies who may or may not understand your organizational vision or goals, and performing multi-tasking non-stereo-typed roles in an environment when leveraging skills has become the need of the hour, a new type of approach towards leadership is needed with cognitive development at its heart. It is an undisputed fact that there is no dichotomy between the cognitive and affective domains The new approach offers the leader the wherewithal for creating a sense of harmony, of order, of sheer joy of living, thus freeing employees from the overwhelming odds of an impersonal society. It also provides a modus operandi for each person to build a sense of her own power as an individual. The leader’s awareness of the cognitive processes that affect our communication would offer a rich store of resources for positive attitude and value building, and impact on the way we relate to ourselves, and to each other. For, this impact alone can bring about empowerment of human beings. A leader realizes that he cannot empower people. He only nurtures conditions that create it – cultivate the conditions of empowerment.

An effective leader constantly bears in mind the impact of communication on empowerment. He is acutely aware of the fact that this approach helps us to search for an understanding in an age when understanding is obscured by upheaval; that it opens to us a range of alternatives, and makes possible the comprehension of the forces that impose themselves upon us and encourages us to examine those forces, evaluate them and change them if required. Such an approach to communication must be based on meaningful study of cognitive processes. Searching, examination and evaluation are cognitive acts that are very crucial to a leader. These processes help the leader to let his employees know that even in a situation where the individual seems powerless there are some choices that are open to them. They help the employees to know there is freedom for us to make decisions about those areas of choice. They help them to know what forces they should grant authority to take over their lives and what forces to reject. These processes bring order to a world of chaos and encourage a sense of autonomy. This process connects the employee meaningfully to the corporate world.

Satraj Singh, Managing Director of FMC- Rallis India Ltd says: “A leader is a teacher but I make sure that I don’t become a preacher. That is an art. I pass on as much as I can through examples, stories. I don’t directly ‘tell’ people what to do. I dare not cite from my personal repertoire of experiences. I don’t simplify to provide all the solutions. I try to make people arrive at alternatives”

An intuitive leader understands that every individual assimilates from and accommodates to, the people or events in the environment. These processes are progressive. The individual also differentiates and categorizes, generalizes and classifies, isolates and identifies several people and experiences. But these processes constitute knowledge. This knowledge is not imparted or transmitted. It is constructed by the individual and there lies the difference. Every individual constructs it in different ways for different reasons. A good leader is able to make her colleagues understand that the consequences of the different constructs vary, and make them see how the cognition and the resultant communication, and empowerment that ensue are interdependent. The leader also helps individuals to evolve ways of effecting intrapersonal and interpersonal communication that could empower themselves and others. A good leader perceives that everyone cannot have every strength and together their strength increases in exponential proportions.

Narayana Murthy, the Founder Chaiperson of Infosys Technologies, knew the strength of the six people with whom he started his Infosys. ” Nandan is good coomunicator, he is probably the best articulator of idea. Raghavan is a great humanist. He is a people’s man. Gopalakrishnan is a great technical person. Dinesh and Ashok are good technical project managers. Above all, they are good human beings. There was a tremendous synergy in the value system” He read the business situation accurately as well. He saw the business opportunity in off-shore development, a concept that was unknown: to create a software supplier leveraging Indian skills and targeted at overseas markets He saw the sustainable competitive advantage.

An empathetic leader realizes that cognitive development of an individual has its origin in childhood. He also does not lose sight of the fact that that the same objects or situations do not provide stimulus for assimilation and accommodation to every person. Every man and woman has, as a child, gone through several experiences and subconsciously imbibed certain patterns of thinking, self-talk and interpersonal communication. Thus, in a given situation, where one person feels totally at ease and empowered to handle, another person feels incapacitated and powerless. That is why we often find that different people operate effectively at different stress levels and the last straw that breaks the camel’s back may be the hundredth for one, while it may be the very third for another.

Sharon Drew Margon who has changed sales paradigm with her book Sales on the Line, which promotes buyer-focused, service-based sales, recounts her experience when she had to ask a corporate client a candid question: “How do you function at work each day when you leave your heart at home?” The client talked about his war experiences, which made him do bad things to good people and how he was led to believe his goodness could hurt people. This embittered person changed overnight and began to develop a humane approach towards the people at work.

A transcending leader finds out what makes the employees feel empowered or disempowered ; the kind of childhood they have had, the inputs they have received; their experiences, whether they perceive themselves to be empowered or helpless; if they feel responsible for whatever happened in their life or if they perceive themselves to be mere tools in the scheme of things that were destined to happen anyway; and if they happen to assume responsibility for the developments in their lives, if the feeling is healthy or guilt-ridden; and conversely, if they feel they are merely taken along a current and have absolutely no power to control the events in their life what makes them think so; the social values they have learned in the cognitive and emotional experience of their social interaction, their awareness about them, the contradictions that exist in value systems. She knows that she has neither the time nor the freedom to delve into the personal histories of employees. Yet, the very recognition that there are individual differences in human responses to situations and these have to be accepted as natural, and there is no room for being judgemental, develops qualities of empathy. As long as the organizational goals are met, these differences should be conceded to. An effective leader impinges upon his colleagues that thinking affects the way a person communicates with himself or herself and the quality of this intrapersonal communication determines his or her own confidence level and how empowered he/ she feels in different situations. She helps employees transcend personal tragedies or inhibiting forces and become self-reliant.

A creative leader realizes that people in a given environment feel in control or helpless according to the kind of communication they receive. The leader recognizes that there are set social and management practices, perhaps very discrete and not directly communicated or consciously thought or exercised, which are detrimental to empowerment of people. In a given situation the range in responses to life varies according to the individual’s sensitivity to problems, ability to identify, and insightfulness, and consequently the coping mechanisms. The leader works on these subtly and redefines the paradigm from which the employees operate so that they feel empowered. Here one may recall what John.F.Kennedy had to say when a reporter asked him: ” Sir, now many people who were your bitter enemies have become members in your cabinet. It is very strange? One destroys ones enemies.” Kennedy replied: “My dear friend, the moment these people became my friends they ceased to be my enemies. Now where are the enemies I have to destroy? He had changed the whole paradigm of peration to be able to perceive this.

A good leader never takes any occasion he gets to communicate with the colleagues lightly and goes unprepared for a meeting or gathering or even a casual get-together. The leader uses every such occasion to build rapport. The feelings may be genuine, the thoughts deliberated and well-planned, but if the medium is not well-formulated, communication fails. Anu Aga’s approach of ‘inducting more humane treatment , openness and sharing which included confrontations and facing upto vulnerabilities, to bring out the authentic person or build one in the process’ shows this meticulous and caring approach that finally proved very effective.

A sensitive leader makes certain that she listens twice as often as she talks. She truly hears what her colleagues want – what they desperately hope to make her understand, appreciate and include within the vision. A leader never allows any barriers to come in the way for people reaching out to her .A leader may believe in hierarchy and there may be a protocol in every organization and insist that people should not by-pass authority. However, the leader also sends a message clear and loud, that any suggestion and grievance can be sent to him or communicated to him if the need is felt by the concerned person. Wherever personal intervention is necessary, she does the needful to ensure that every employee feels that the mechanisms to ventilate grievances are active in the organization and does not feel suffocated.

Russi Mody used the principal management technique of holding regular informal open air meetings followed by tea. Selected questioners are encouraged to even step upto the microphone and speak out their points in public. He gives opportunity for criticism. The humblest worker is free to address the Chairperson.

Leaders should be enthusiastic, energetic and positive about the future. This may not change the context of work, but certainly these qualities do make work more meaningful. A leader should have a dream about the future. He must be able to communicate the vision in ways that attracts and excites members of the organization and encourage the employees to partake in the fulfillment of the vision. Leaders must find some greater sense of worth in our day-to-day working life. This attitude of looking at a job as a calling, motivates colleagues. Intentional modeling is essential for focusing people’s attention, energy and effort on the expected behaviours until such actions become standard operating procedures – part of the daily stream of activities. ” I try to lead by example, by being what I want privates to be. I expect as much out of them”, so says Sergeant Jill Henderson, the first woman to win the Army’s Drill Sergeant of the Year award. She demands of her people what she demands of herself. Leaders should empower employees. The leader should exercise the positive face of power. This requires a great deal of sensitivity to others. Researchers note that the ability to understand other people’s perspectives is the most glaring difference between executives who make good and those who derail. Arrogance, aloofness, betrayal of trust, over-managing, or failing to delegate or build a team are fatal flaws.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A good leader is aware of his powers, but never uses it indiscriminately. Neither to favour some partisan nor to punish a dissenting voice. Power is used only to delegate, organize, integrate, reward, recognize, and motivate – never to display what one can or cannot do. Building team spirit is the successful and effective way of inspiring leadership – not controling people by power and authority.

An effective leader is caring and shows the human side of a leader by genuinely caring about his people with a warm sense of humor. A leader is one who does not look at the colleagues as clerks, attendants, lecturers, professors , typists, clerks, nurses etc etc. A leader looks at each of them as human beings with a life of their own, a personality of their own, an individuality of their own. They genuinely care to help when a colleague is disturbed, sense when a person is in his elements and when he is not. They show concern in mild unintrusive ways, take out time to talk to the employees and understand their psyche.

An effective leader is fair, honest and consistent in his action and words. Getting extraordinary things done in orgainsations is hard work. To keep hope and determination alive, leaders recognize contributions made by individuals to make the climb for the organization possible. Leaders acknowledge individual merit and this they do consistently. They don’t forget to acknowledge some one’s achievements and recognize another. While celebrating the efforts of the entire group, individual contributions also should be recognized. For that a good leader identifies the inputs given by each team player and gives a pat for that in public. This honest and open admission earns rich dividends in the long run. Not only do you keep loyal colleagues, many more join in.
Gary Hruska, Vice President of Publishing Operations of GTE Directories narrates how a simple penny he gave playfully to an employee with the words “This is a discretionary award for your efforts” was proudly displayed and soon everyone began to crave for this recognition. This was the beginning of the Prestigious Penny Award. The power of acknowledgement is great.

In any effective long-term relationship, there must be a sense of mutuality. If one partner always gives and the other always takes, the one who gives will feel taken advantage of and the one who takes will feel superior. In that climate, co-operation is virtually impossible. To achieve co-operative goals, leaders must quickly establish a norm of reciprocity within teams and among partners. This sense of fairness, if neglected, can be disastrous.

An effective leader accepts criticism sportingly and admits when he is wrong. Even the chairperson’s pencil has an eraser on it. We all make mistakes. That is why they put erasers on pencils. Do not be afraid of admitting mistakes. We cannot be right all the time. The person who is right only sixty percent of the time can be a great success if he is quick to correct his mistakes the rest of the time. The best thing is, people really respect leaders who admit their mistakes quickly and gracefully. It is the mark of a big person. Even Mahatma admitted to “Himalayan blunders”

To conclude, an empowering leader would:

1. Explore certain ways and means of constructing meaningful and effective methods for intrapersonal communication and expunge one of disempowering self-talk.

2. Understand ways and means of devising methods for interpersonal communication that creates a healthy, empowering environment, so that every person in any formal or informal group feels totally in control of ones own life.

3. Recognize disempowering cognitive and communicative processes and social and management practices, and deconstruct them to build a healthy empowering environment.

4. With particular reference to marginalized communities and groups, examine the above with a view to establishing an empowering climate.

5. A good leader recognizes that by categorizing women as a class by themselves with different capabilities, distinct characteristics of its own and slotting them in water-tight compartments men are losing out on the opportunity to find equal partners in their endeavours and this, in turn, affects the contribution that could result from such coordinated and concerted efforts. This is a great loss that intelligent leaders should and can avert by changing the way we look at our equations.

6. A leader is sensitive to and allows individual differences, and, at the same time, integrates organisational needs, group needs and individual’s needs.

7. Integrate task-oriented approach with people-oriented approach wherein the following steps could help could be followed: Plan the Assignment, Brief and Initiate the Group, Help the Action, Provide Supportive Behaviour, Control and review Periodically, Provide Feedback and Information, and Constantly Evaluate and Update.

The basic credo for a good leader should be, as Sudhir Tilloo, the Indian Collaborator for the Japanese giant Hitachi Metals said: ” I need everyone; nobody needs me”

3 Signs that What You Are Experiencing Is Sexual Harassment

3 Signs that What You Are Experiencing Is Sexual Harassment

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In today’s environment, sexual harassment happens all too often. Depending on where you live and what your lifestyle is, you may notice sexcual harassment all around you. It happens in the workplace, at the gym, in the grocery store, and while you are out on the town in the evening. Everywhere you go you are left in a situation to be harassed sexually. It can be hard to determine what is harassment and what is just someone being friendly sometimes. In today’s world you need to be on your toes and aware of when someone is pushing things too far and get help if it is getting out of hand. There are three signs that what just happened to you was in fact sexual harassment.

Would an onlooker be okay with it?

One of the easiest questions to ask yourself about what has occurred would be ‘Would this be okay in front of my boss?’ If you do not feel as though your boss, your parent, your partner, or anyone else in a similar situation would be okay with what had occurred it is probably sexual harassment. Imagine these people standing by when the act happened to you. Would they stand by without saying anything? Would they want to reprimand the person? Would someone lose their job if their boss saw? If any of these questions are answered with yes you have probably been sexually harassed.

This is a great way to determine if it was someone being genuine or if it was someone being gross. Because we are being reprogrammed to be so careful about what we say and do, sometime things that people genuinely said out of care and thoughtfulness can make us a little bit uneasy. Ask yourself the above questions, you will probably not answer yes to most of them.


How did you feel following the encounter? Did you feel embarrassed suddenly and like you needed to get out of wherever you were? If the person made you feel inferior and like they were above you, it is likely that they were sexually harassing you. Often times, peoples reaction is to run rather than stand up for themselves when they are truly being harassed. If you find yourself wanting to take the flight reaction you have probably been sexually harassed and you need to find someone to report it to.


The definite sign of sexual harassment would be when someone chooses to make you feel the same way more than once. Does the same type of situation continue to occur? Were you initially unsure if the person was just being awkward and said something that came across odd or if they were intentionally wanting to make you feel the way they did? If the behavior happens more than one time it is definitely not someone just being awkward. Repetition is one of the clearest signs of harassment. People find joy and power in harassing others. If they continue to come back for more you need to find help quickly. Whether you find it in your employer, an attorney, or a family member, you need to be sure to report the behavior to someone.

Sexual harassment is a real problem that can not be ignored. In fact, the steps that have been taken towards stopping harassment over the last few years are making a very big difference already. The more we stand up for ourselves and make it known that the behavior is not okay the sooner we will be able to get rid of it all together.

Things To Focus On When Fighting Domestic Violence Case

Things To Focus On When Fighting Domestic Violence Case

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If you are fighting a domestic violence case, then you should know that there are various important things that you will have to focus on so you can avoid all the problems later on. If you are not paying close attention to the things that matter the most, then you won’t be able to find the best domestic violence lawyer out there. It is always necessary for you to pay close attention to the things that will help you in the right way. Make sure that you are exploring your options online and going through all the important factors that will help you find the best option for yourself.

Most of the time, people find it difficult to choose the best domestic violence lawyer. If you are not sure how you can find the best domestic violence lawyer, then you are in good hands. Here are few important things that you will have to focus on so you can select the best option for yourself.

Gather evidence

The first thing that you will have to focus on is to gather all the evidence that you can. If you are gathering all the evidence, then it will become a lot easier for you to get the desired outcome. It is always necessary for you to pay close attention to the details that will help you in the right way. If you are not gathering all the evidence, then it will become a lot difficult for you to fight your case. You can also take professional help from Appleton Domestic Violence Lawyer so you can avoid all the issues later on.

Choose the best lawyer

The next thing that you will have to focus on is to select the best lawyer for the job. If you are hiring a professional lawyer, then you will be able to resolve all of your problems. It is the best way to proceed so you can avoid all the issues that you are facing. Make sure that you are hiring a lawyer that will provide you the desired outcome.

Get consultation

Make sure that you are also getting all the guidelines that will help you find the best domestic violence lawyer out there. It is one of the most important things that you will have to focus on so you can make things easier for yourself. These are the things that you should focus on when hiring a lawyer.

How To Choose a Broker In The Stock Market

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The stock market is an avenue where one can earn as per his knowledge and investment as well as risk-bearing capacity. It can offer unlimited opportunities to the traders. A broker is a firm or person acting as an intermediary in making transactions on the exchange, acting on behalf of its clients. In India, an individual or an organization can only work on the stock market through a broker, since it is necessary to have a trading place on the stock exchange, and only a professional participant in the securities market can buy it. When choosing an intermediary, consider the following factors.

1. Reliability of the broker.

Among the organizations offering brokerage services, there are banks and investment companies. Since credit institutions are well controlled, it is reliable to contact the bank, but the services of such a broker will be expensive.

2. Experience of the broker

The number of open customer accounts can evidence this. The list of Top Brokers in India can always be found on the website. However, the more a client’s broker has, the fewer chances his clients have for an individual approach.

It is imperative to be sure that the broker is a participant of the trading platform on which it is planned to work. Most of them provide access to trading on the MICEX and RTS, but some also offer transactions on international exchanges and the Forex market. Not all brokers provide access to foreign sites.

3. Selection of the Trading System for access to quotes and conclusion of Transactions.

There are a number of computer programs provided by brokers free of charge to their clients for access to exchanges. There are versions for the iPad. Many companies also have their own development. In addition, a good broker should give access to trading through the phone in case of technical failures.

4. The cost of maintenance

Many companies offer one month of free brokerage services. It should be borne in mind that the percentage of transactions in the market is charged in any case, regardless of the success of the transaction. Therefore, the commission should be minimal.

In addition to brokers, a certain commission is appointed by exchanges and depositories. In some companies, these additional payments are included in the commission of the broker. In addition, it is necessary to clarify the cost of entering and withdrawing funds to the market. Almost all brokers are ready to work with clients starting from a certain starting amount of investments, the size of which should be clarified. Usually, it is about 30 thousand.

5. Provision of services for “shoulder” lending in the bidding process

That is, the client can buy securities for a larger amount than he has funds available, and also open a short position when borrowing assets and sold, to subsequently buy them back and return. If such a service is required, then it is necessary to know in advance with what papers it is possible to conduct operations and on what conditions.


Top Tourist Places To Visit In Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is one of the most wonderful places in India, a fascinating and historically and culturally rich state. Land of Maharajas, enchanting forts and palaces, colorful dances and safaris, festivals, smelling bazaars, Rajasthan is one of the top travel destinations in India.

For those who want to travel in North India, visiting Rajasthan is almost mandatory. We leave you here Top Tourist Places to Visit in Rajasthan.

1. Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and the gateway of most tourists visiting this Indian state. Modern and grand city in the historic center of Jaipur and popular as  “Pink City”, colorful bazaars abound with spices, saris, sandals and leather objects, jewelery, gemstones and trinkets that make the delights of the visitors more consumerists. Losing oneself in the bazaars is part of any trip to Jaipur but the city has much more to offer such as the City Palace, the Mahal Dinner (astronomical observatory) or the Water Palace a few miles from the center.

2. Amber

At 11 km from Jaipur lies Amber with its imposing and masterful fort. This fortress palace was the seat of the capital of Rajasthan until the eighteenth century until it passed to Jaipur but Amber never lost connections with the nobility of Rajasthan. In addition to the magnificent fortress palace, full of ornate doors, temples and halls, there is more to see in Amber such as the fort of the city and its beautiful gardens in the Kesar Kyari Bagh.

3. Jaisalmer

One of the most charming cities in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is the gateway to discover and explore the Thar Desert. The fortified old town is full of palaces, havelis, temples and small bazaars – Once an important interposition on the Opium Caravan Route of Silk and Spices, Jaisalmer survived looters, sovereigns and political upheavals. Surrounded by desert, the Jaisalmer fort is one of the most beautiful in Rajasthan but there is more to see such as the Manik Chow Market, Badal Vilas Palace, Gadisagar Lake, and some beautiful havelis scattered throughout the city.

4. Desert Of Thar

One of the best experiences you can have in Rajasthan is exploring the Thar Desert. A desert, camel or jeep tour is easy to organize from either Jaisalmer or Bikaner. The idea is to spend a night in the desert, enjoying the starry night and the kindness of the population that lives there in small villages.

5. Jodhpur

The magnificent Mehrangarh fort dominates the city of Jodhpur – the Blue City and one of the most beautiful in Rajasthan. The Mehrangarh Fort has plenty of reasons to take you for almost a day’s sightseeing but the city has much more to offer than the fervent bazaars, especially the Sadar Bazaar, Jaswant Thada Marble Memorial, Umaid Bhavan Palace, now a hotel and where you can spend the night. It is a beautiful city to discover the streets and life of Rajasthan.

6. Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh is a walled city with a strong historical presence in every corner and nook of its fort. Imposing, the fortress is overlooking the city, dominating in the distance the surrounding plateau. Inside the fortress of Chittorgarh, there are Jain and Hindu temples, ruined palaces, water reservoirs and beautifully carved towers.

5 Cute Inked Look for Every Chic You Know

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Tattoos tread along the fine lines of body and art, between the physical and the imaginary. Every color, shape, and symbol represent memories, meanings, and emotions. The design of a tattoo you get correlates to its meaning. However, when focusing too much on getting a cute tattoo design, the underlying purpose of the symbol disappears.

Get ideas on your new tattoo designs! Check out these cute tattoo designs for women which are so pretty and meaningful that it has become a trend in this generation.

Feather Tattoo Design

Feather tattoos are common favorites among the masses. It also has underlying symbolic meanings like the ability to take flight either creatively, emotionally or spiritually. You can get this design tattooed on the back or just below the neck. Another position to get this unique design inked on your body is behind the ear.

Arrow Tattoo Design

An arrow design is very meaningful. The arrow represents the focus on the aim and the movement towards achieving the goal with complete modesty and confidence. You can get this design tattooed on your arm or the side of your body. Some people even engrave this design on the back of their necks and wrists, or on their underboob.

Moon Tattoo Design

A moon tattoo design is a captivating choice for anyone who wants to engrave the influences of religion, mythology, subconsciousness and time on their skin. A moon tattoo is a sexy design for girls. It may be detailed with tribal and Celtic symbols for it to look more appealing. It can be tattooed on the back of the neck or the wrist.

Lotus Tattoo Design

The lotus design is not only revered for its beauty, but it also reflects a deeper spiritual meaning. The lotus tattoo generally represents enlightenment and purity. The design is usually tattooed on the back, but it can also be engraved on the inner thigh or even on the calf.

Flying Bird Tattoo Design

If talking about bird tattoos, it can be defined as a symbol of freedom and easiness. A more detailed interpretation depends on the type of bird chosen, but the general meaning practically remains the same. The most loved positions to get this design tattooed are the shoulder or just above the heart. It can also be tattooed on the wrist or the back of the ear.


Tattoos may be skin deep, but their significance sometimes goes deeper. The messages sent by body art are an individual’s self-expression. This article will help readers get ideas on tattoo design. By using the knowledge that this article provides, women can have cute tattoo designs while retaining a much deeper meaning.

Laying The Foundation For Internal Communication With Bulk SMS

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A company or a business can be successful with the implementation of internal communication with bulk SMS. Investing money after the infrastructure and the rest is only wastage of money and time if the internal communication setting is not right. For the right functioning of the company and integrated working of the employees, one can make use of free bulk SMS for the hassle free mode of communication. There are several ways bulk SMS can fulfill the accomplishments. Bulk SMS can cause employee engagement. It is not possible for the workers to give their best if the level of engagement is not right.

Proper Meaning of Engagement

Engagement involves the process of decision making within the organization. If the employees know what is happening within the company they can be more productive. This is highly beneficial for the kind of business process. One can make the apt use of bulk SMS to get involved faster and with greater efficacy. The bulk SMS can help in the method of setting assignments and in case of reminders management. It is important to ensure that all people within the company are working with the best of synergy with the objectives and goals of the company. It is imperative for a business to deliver assignments to the staffs.

Role of the Company to Help in Achieving Targets

The tasks that are set of the employees direct the company in achieving the perfect goals. The management can make effective use of bulk SMS for assigning the tasks and intimating deadlines to the company staffs. In the process, the equal result is produced in time. This is also a method to send the basic reminders to the staff by making use of bulk SMS from time to time. The same technology you can use ton intimate people in times of emergency. There can be unavoidable situations where mishaps can happen, and this can cause changes within the organization.

Communication Made Easy

In case of emergency, the staffs may be asked not to attend the workplace. This is when the management can make the best use of the bulk SMS service in matters of text messaging for internal communications. This is an option to make the staffs aware of the condition, and this can help in the smooth running of the company. The free or the bulk SMS service can help in creating workshop and seminar awareness. These are regular features of several organizations.

Free Bulk SMS for Better Production

Workshops and seminars within the organization are better organized for the training of the staffs. This is required to ensure better productivity within the organization. In case, you are conducting an event you can make the staffs aware of the same by making use of the option of free bulk SMS. it will cost no money in distributing details to many people all at the same time. One can even make use of free bulk SMS to send goodwill messages. This way you can send birthday or wedding messages to friends, employees, and relatives all at the same time.

Right Support with Bulk SMS

With the free and the bulk SMS, you get the right support at the right time. With the help of the SMS Gateway to help you get the delivery of the instant bulk SMS. With the delivery of the bulk SMS, you can really stay at an advantage. You get to know things in time as part of the stock market. The SMS will tell you about the notable stock and shares. You now know where to make an investment in order to get profit in the long run.

Making People Know in the Stock Market

More people in the stock market make the best use of the SMS service. There are brands making use of the bulk SMS service in promoting the best products and services, to easily reach the target audience. In minutes one contact people in time with proper intimations and message delivery. Now you know what is happening in the stock market, with the latest deals and happenings. The agents in the manner can reach to the target audience with the best of convenience. By sending bulk SMS the agents can make people know regarding the lucrative investing options in the trade field.

Style Tips On How To Wear A Maxi Skirt For Any Season

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Much like the maxi dress, the maxi skirt offers ceaselessly flattering style to anyone who wears it. Characterised by its ankle length hemline and versatile styling capabilities, the maxi skirt can be loose and flowy or more body-hugging. The choice is up to you, and it’s just the first of many choices this choice skirt affords wearers of all shapes and sizes.

Because of its equally classic and fluid cut and design, it’s easy to wear a maxi skirt any time of year, for just about any occasion.

Here’s how.

Cropped Classic
Perfect for spring or summer.

Photo of a Woman Wearing Black Dress

Add some juxtaposition to your summer or spring style by pairing a maxi skirt with a crop top. The long lines of the skirt and the short, abrupt style of the crop work in a perfect, stunning dichotomy to create a killer look.

If you’re shy about bearing a whole lot of skin, opt for a maxi skirt with a higher waistline. Most maxi skirts already hug your natural waistline (that’s about two finger-widths above your belly button), but some can ride a little lower. If you want a flattering style that still shows a peek of flesh, aim at least as high as your natural waistline, if not a bit higher.

Blouse Beauty

Perfect for any season.

This asymmetrical maxi skirt from Cooper St. showcases a fantastically fitted waist.

When combined with a crisp,button-down blouse, your flowing maxi skirt takes on a more polished appearance. Not any maxi skirt will do, however. You need a more structured maxi dress with a fitted waist. An elasticized waist won’t cut it, since it will not pull the blouse together. Instead of appearing poised, you’ll look frumpy and unkempt.

Booted Bliss

Perfect for cooler weather.

While maxi skirts often call to mind images of sandals and warm weather, you can actually wear your maxi during the cooler months. All you need to do is use a little accessory ingenuity. To keep your feet and legs warmer, embrace boots: ankle boots, knee-boots or over-the-knee boots all work. Boots look particularly stunning when your maxi skirt has a slit or an asymmetrical hemline, since these cuts really showcase your stems, and by extension, your boots.

Nice and Knitted

Perfect for cooler months.

Young woman in a sweater shields forehead and mouth with forearms

Nothing is nicer than knitwear on a cold day. Take the cozy comfort of your sweater out on the town by tucking it into your fitted-waist maxi skirt. Pop on a pair of pearl earrings and you’ve got an easy elegance that’s as sure to impress  as it is comfortable to wear.

Something to keep in mind: super chunky knitwear won’t work, since it will add too much bulk to your midsection when tucked in. Opt for a lighter sweater that doesn’t have much bulk. Or, think back to our first styling tip and choose crop top knitwear.

Next time you slip into a maxi skirt, remember: this style doesn’t confine you in terms of movement, style or season, so wear it, and use these tips to wear it well.