10 Great Travel Apps for the iPad

An iPad is one of the most sought after gadgets these days. In fact, even kids have it on their Christmas wish list. If you are a frequent traveller then it may have apps that are suitable to your needs. If you think that you still need to pay for these apps, there are those you can just get for free. Here are 10 great travel apps for the iPad:

1. Hipmunk – Travellers find this as one of best resources for the cheapest flights. It also has return flight information which you can’t find on most other sites. It features all kinds of information using an easy to read and easy to understand grid. You may even organize the grid by airlines, flight length and price.

2. Cardstar – This is a convenient app that helps you store all your loyalty card numbers as well as frequent flyer and guest card numbers for hotel rewards schemes (such as those at the Holiday Inn or Travelodge discount codes ). It can stop you from wasting time when looking for your hotel loyalty number or frequent flier number. It also generates coupons which are tailored to individual cards and can be used automatically.

3. XE Currency – It basically helps you find the latest rates. It is very straightforward and simple. Just select the currencies you want converted, the amount and that’s it.

4. Beat the Traffic HD – This app shows you where the traffic is in HD. It also features live traffic maps and updated weather conditions. It also has information on all the major routes over 100 cities.

5. Comixology – This is a good app if you have kids with you during plane rides or car trips. It has 1,300 titles of comic books from 30 publishers. It helps you search for comics by genre, series, creator, storylines/arcs, publisher; or by Popular, New and Featured.

6. Fastmall – If you are into shopping during your travels then this app helps you figure out what is inside the malls so you don’t get lost. It has the lay out of all the malls in more than twenty countries.

7. Reuters News for iPad – It offers news which can be useful for your travels. It also features updated weather forecasts and a currency converter. It also has a speedy loading video and photo galleries.

8. Kayak Explore + Flight Search – It helps you search for your flight. It can feature the results by the number of connections, airline, time, price and airport. It can also tell the miles and it has a handy budget/distance calculator.

9. SitOrSquat – This app is a crowd sourced bathroom locator for hotel lobbies but mostly in the US.

10. Submaps HD – This helps you navigate through underground transportation systems in sixteen cities. With this app, you’ll never get lost in subways again.

The iPad can be your handy guide on your next vacation. From looking for flights and finding your way through subways to mall and bathroom blueprints, the above mentioned 10 great travel apps for the iPad can definitely help you have a grand vacation.

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