SpoTube Web Application Review

SpoTube is a web application that lets users watch videos, listen to music and read about artists. Its focus on music and related content is what makes it unique from other sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Visitors are able to search for songs, artists or album and SpoTube compiles the content for the user. It gets information from Last.FM, so an account for that will be useful too. So far, the app is in the beta phase, which means it is free so far as well.

Signing up requires you to input the usual user information with the addition of putting in your Last.FM username. Afterwards, you are taken to your main SpoTube profile. The app employs a stylish modern look and feel to it with its gray-sliver and dark blue color scheme. The design and layout is quite jarring, and this is where the site loses it appeal. It is quite a shame because a site which compiles your interests in music and artists should be easy to use and intuitive. There is a scroll bar on the left side, where it overlaps the top menu bar, which is quite confusing. The layout is confusing initially, but you will get used to it once it grows on you. It does throw too much at you at first and that is a big misstep, surely. But, again, it is in the beta phase so you can look forward to changes to its look and feel (for the better).

If you look past the minor design gripes and frustrating layout, SpoTube actually does its job quite nicely. As promised, you will be able to listen to free music, watch music videos and read about upcoming albums on the application. Information from your Last.FM account will be integrated into your SpoTube account, so the searching and compiling is done for you more easily. I found it very handy because I am a music lover who’s always in search for new music to fall in love with. On the left panel, above the embedded YouTube player, are features like the song inbox, notifications, starred, session playlist  and spotify search. There is also a radio where you will select the genre you like and it automatically plays songs that fit into that genre.

Overall, SpoTube is a nifty application for the music lover. It makes searching for songs, music videos and articles on artists easier. It will be an indispensible application for the music lover.

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