Best New Games for the Playstation Vita

The touch screen capabilities and handheld features of the PlayStation Vita make it one of the more popular gaming devices among gamers who want to be free of their PCs and consoles. If you have a Vita, and are looking for games to add to your collection, consider one of these hot options that recently hit the shelves.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

While the look of the latest installment of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom is not much different than the last version, it is the new characters and game play upgrades that make this better. If you are a fan of the game series, you will appreciate how distinct the new characters feel. The online play now features a welcomed addition, and the animation remains some of the best in the industry. If you already love some of the characters, rest assured that they will still serve you well, with a few updates, in this improved version of the game.

Hot Shots Golf World Invitational

This user-friendly game is considered one of the top games for PlayStation Vita because of its excellent graphics and easy gameplay. You won’t find many differences between this latest PlayStation golf game and the ones that came before it, but that is what, in part, makes it one of the best. The simplicity of play combined with just a few Vita-specific upgrades makes it a joy to play, especially for those who loved its predecessors. The multi-player function of Hot Shots Golf World is particularly well done on the Vita.


If you have been a fan of the LittleBigPlanet franchise in the past, you need to play it on the PlayStation Vita. If you do, you will see why some reviewers are saying that Sackboy has found his home. The visuals and tighter controls on the Vita make this much-loved series even more enjoyable to play on the Vita. Adding touch technology makes the game intuitive, and who can resist the ability to smear new materials on the screen using their fingertips? The refined toolset makes level creation much simpler. This highly educational game gets even more inviting when you play it on the Vita.

Virtua Tennis

Virtua Tennis is arguably the best tennis franchise game, and it works wonderfully on the Vita. Easy to play with superior graphics, you will fee like you are literally on the court. The graphics are simply unreal, and the gameplay follows suit by being quite strong while still being simple.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat may be one of the oldest games still in the mix, but that does not mean it should be overlooked. The storyline here is quite in depth, and it pulls you in as you begin play. The brutal moves and new missions will draw in experienced Mortal Kombat players, while the mini games keep you actively engaged while playing.

Metal Gear Solid

If you were unimpressed with the graphics on the original Metal Gear, rest assured that the re-mastered graphics on this latest version will grab your attention. The HD display makes the graphics literally stunning, and the amount of content is great for a handheld. You can transfer the game to other Vita handhelds, thus making it a great value.

Whether your game of choice is something brutal such as Mortal Combat, or you prefer something a bit more subdued, like a game of golf or tennis, you will find that the Vita’s top games make excellent choices. Grab a few this holiday season to give to those you love, or simply pick up some to enjoy on your own, and you can benefit form the games reviewers are raving about.

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