Get Play Station Plus With Excellent Features

Currently the play station plus that has premium membership as from the PSN that is play station network has been actually bought as a part for the system software and update and by the Sony Computer Entertainment. The company as for giving support for the handheld console is actually increasing the current collection of the games. As earlier there were 12 games present in the play station and in addition with them six free titles are also being given to the all members of play station plus.

Prices as for membership of play station plus

The prices as for the membership of the play station plus currently cost dollar 17.99 and this are charges for the duration that is of three months and even for one year. The total cost of subscription for play station is dollar 49.99 and apart from this no other additional cost is being imposed on the owners of the play station 3 as for accessing the services as well as features of the play station plus. The users who will currently purchase the subscription of play station will get the benefit as for accessing both the programs and Vita of the play station plus.

Get Play station plus with excellent features

Feature of the play station

The biggest feature of the play station plus is instant collection of the games and it actually contains the selection of the Downloadable games that are ever changing. The games as contained in the play station are very much dynamic as in nature and they all can be easily taken out as from the list which contain these type of game as well as these games can be enjoyed very easily as through the play station plus. The users can easily download many different types of games and play it on play station.

Get discount after becoming member

In addition, with the games a member of the play station and can even get facility for the excessive discounts, which are offered exclusively on the different types of downloaded games and content. The members other than this can get very latest update as for software altogether with the games, which are actually automatically updated. The cloud storage of almost 2 GB is available as with the play station plus for storage of the games. In addition, with it 1 GB storage is available with it.

Transfer contents to play station

One can even transfer the contents wirelessly as from the PC and PS Vita. This is actually possible as through a brand new system that is called as the content management. The folders that are situated as in play station plus and PC can be easily copied as well as viewed as on PS Vita. The games, which you will select, actually have support as for the mapping of the buttons. The controller button are those which can be easily assigned as by gamers to touch screen as together with rear touch pad as well as also with the regular type of buttons.

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