Rackspace’s Evolving Cloud

CRakcspace logoloud storage has made the process of storing data more accessible, cheaper and easier to maintain for many businesses. Accessible and reasonably priced storage provides little benefit, though, if the tools and services that come with the storage can’t keep up with ever-changing technology and trends. When it comes to evolving to meet consumer needs, San Antonio cloud hosting company Rackspace is at the top of its game.

Small Enterprise

Rackspace is dedicated to “Fanatical Support.” It’s one of the company’s core values. When it comes to cloud storage, Rackspace’s tech support services are part of the package, but those services can be upgraded through the company’s Managed Application Service. With Managed Application Service, Rackspace monitors and maintains all aspects of a company’s cloud storage, allowing business owners to focus on other essential business tasks. Services are customized to specifically meet each customer’s needs, and include monitoring of:

  • Databases and servers
  • Files and storage
  • Backups
  • Networks and DNS

With Critical Application Service, Rackspace monitors only those vital cloud processes, with the basic goal of ensuring a business stays up and running. In many cases, Rackspace Managed Application Services make it possible for a business to forego an in-house IT team and virtually host any necessary IT support.


The more that Rackspace evolves, the more developer-oriented the company’s services become. Recent features that have evolved within the Rackspace platform have been geared specifically toward developers.

Open Source Code

Rackspace develops many upcoming tools and gives developers open access to their code, which allows them to offer input and impact their own services. In a sense, developers can tell Rackspace exactly how they want the program to operate, so that, when it comes time to release a product, implementation will be easy on both sides.

Sneak Peeks of Products

The open coding of upcoming Rackspace product releases provides developers with ample time to prepare for the changes in service. Often, test products are made available, which helps ensure the utility of a product before its release and gives developers an idea of how the product will work once the tool becomes available.

Free Use for Developers

With the open code of Rackspace services, developers have the opportunity to create additional tools that will work alongside Rackspace’s products, making it easy to integrate products into application design. Developers can collaborate with other Rackspace customers, and share tools created, building a strong community and many extra tools to make developing tasks more efficient.

Though the open source operations of Rackspace make the company’s cloud services attractive to developers, it’s actually beneficial to all customers of the web hosting company. All hosting customers have access to tools and services developed with input from other Rackspace customers, ensuring the company can offer some of the most user-friendly, efficient tools on the market. With Rackspace developers and customer developers throwing their ideas into the mix, it’s no wonder Rackspace is advancing its hosting services at a rate envied by others in the marketplace.

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