Advantages Of International Conference Call

Advantages Of International Conference CallInternational Conference Call has a number of benefits:

  1.  People do not have to travel long distances to discuss matters, they can do so sitting at their work stations.
  2. Conference calls save time, people do not have to prepare for travel, they save the time that it takes to commute to another place, and they save the time that it required for rest after travelling for a long distance.
  3. Conference calls is like a meeting which is attended by two or as many as twenty people or more; that means companies eliminate the cost of buying airline tickets for twenty people, they do not have to give travel and daily allowances to their employees and neither do they have to pay for their employees stay in hotels.
  4. Companies do not have to make booking for conference rooms; neither do they have to pay conference halls for arranging for lunch and brunch. When employees attend international conference calls from their work stations companies save money that would have been spent per day for meetings and trainings for booking conference rooms and making arrangements for lunch and brunch.
  5. An adequate Internet connection and a phone line is required for conference calls, these two are a part of office equipment, as such companies do not have to pay any extra charges so that their employees can attend the meetings over international conference calls.
  6. Conference calls include audio telecast and video telecast, which means people can listen to each other’s voices or they can see each other in person over international conference calls based on audio-visual technology.
  7. An international conference call where people can see each other brings a personal touch to the meeting, people find it easier to relate to each other, and everyone in the meeting is able to associate himself to other people from the comfort of his office. A person does not have to leave his comfort zone in order to attend an international meeting thanks to conference calling.
  8. An international conference call can last for hours; people do not need to worry about the time restrictions.
  9. It is easy to record the voices during the conference call, the entire meeting can be recorded and people can refer to the file whenever needs be.

Companies make use of International Conference calls for various Purposes, a few being:

  • orientation of new employees working in a set-up abroad
  • training of employees
  • holding weekly or monthly departmental meeting
  • meeting with all functional heads
  • A CEO’s meeting with all country heads.
  • International conference calls have helped companies save time and money and have enabled people to increase productivity. The time and money spent in commuting to another country can be utilized for more productive activities.
  • Companies have been able to cut down cost and hence reap better profits.

The international conference calls have a numerous benefits and companies all over the world have profited by making good use of them. Besides saving time and money the international calling facility makes life easy and convenient for people all around the world.

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